Another 2” of Rain

Our wet summer continues.  We had another 2 inches of rain again last night.  Areas North of Minneapolis got 9” or more of rain overnight.  By comparison our 2 inches are not much to worry about but there are flooding concerns in the area.rain guage  The damage from heavy rains earlier this summer, further North, still has not been completed, so this will be an expensive road construction season.

The arborists were in the campground during our days off.  Quite a few trees are now firewood;  a couple widowmakers will make no more widows; and there’s still a mess to be cleaned up but at least the campground is safer.  Saying “safer” is a matter of degrees you realize.  One thing about the CORPS is that they are concerned about safety and every time we raise a safety issue they jump on it to get it corrected.  It’s not that the campground was UN-safe, it’s just safer.

I think I mentioned that we are now in the sub-6-week zone.  It won’t be long now before our time here for the year is over.  It’s been good to be here. We’ve been here during several years now and by now we have run out of new places that we choose to visit.  So, it’s a different sensation for us to be here than most of the places we’ve been in the last 5 years.  Also this winter we will be returning to familiar territory.  I don’t know if we are breaking out of our wandering phase, or maybe we’ll get tired of the same places and go back to wandering.  We’ll see what happens.  However… Peggy has just admitted that she’s looking forward to returning to the same place this winter.  We are still feeling our way along about the rhythm of travel.  The fact that we’ve never liked getting in a rut is part of the reason I’m sure, and I never want to get to the point that I feel I HAVE to stay someplace, or that we HAVE to leave just because of a calendar.

Whether we return here or not next year has yet to be seen, but I have been thinking about the ‘problem’ of familiarity.  We’ve seen volunteers who did a job long enough that they started to treat the volunteer gig as if it were their own.  Which is not a good thing.  I know there are people who talk about treating a campground as if it was their own from the standpoint that they take pains to take care of a place, maintenance, cleanliness, etc.. But there is the other sense in which people take care of something as if it belonged to them — as in assuming they have the right to make rules, or establish policies — and of course volunteers have no such right.  gymnastics-sacramonepg-verticalThe property — in our case the campground — belongs to someone else and we are subject to the CORPS policies. We are to inform/educate not to enforce.  I’m aware of the fact that it can be tricky to stay on the proper side of that balance beam.  My awareness of the battleground makes me wonder whether returning next year might not be a good thing.  The thing is that this has been a very good place to be this year.  We have had enough family contact, we have been healthy and gotten good exercise, and made better strides in controlling our weight than we have in several years — so I admit to having some personal bias to return.  We’ll see what happens. We have time to decide.

There you have another day in Highland Ridge.  Not paradise, but certainly the land of contentment. Thanks for stopping and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.


6 thoughts on “Another 2” of Rain

    1. Not Ocala — Florida just isn’t us, or at least not that part. We’re going back to S. Texas.
      This has been such a rainy summer, but most of the time I haven’t minded. The WORST has missed us, and we’re on high ground. When it’s not raining it’s been lovely, and even in a rainier summer we are still getting less rain than we got during those El Nino winter months. 🙂
      Glad to hear the repairs are proceeding. Water’s the pits in an RV as you well know. Someone here just got a new RV and their first trip out the slide in their brand new pull behind was leaking. 😟😢


      1. We’ve watched the rain hit you, then split and go north and south of us…all summer long. Leelanau is bone dry. No water in our rig…just ripped toppers. Truck and Escape got it pretty bad also.

        I was just kidding you about Ocala. 🙂

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      2. If we could find a place in FL that was in our price range during a non-El Nino winter it might be different. But I just begrudge paying the rates that seem to be the norm to get to Ft. Myers or further south. It’s just my personal “thing” about what you’re getting for your money.
        We’re curious to see how we like being in a Non-Home-State for a second lengthy stay. We have never been the sort to return to places and seeing what it’s like to actually live there the second year when most of the exploring has been done will be interesting.

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  1. Glad you have had a good run of it up there this summer. I have a friend that is affected very bad by all the flooding in LA, as they live in a small town east of Baton Rouge. My heart is just breaking for them, as they had to leave a couple of pets behind, having only ten minutes notice to evacuate. Even the area where they are staying is surrounded by flood water, too. It’s so bad there. Enjoy the rest of your time up there! Fall is on the way. We actually had a very nice weekend with highs only in the 80s. Heaven! 🙂

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    1. Sorry to hear about your friends in the flooding in LA — we saw coverage about it on the news and it’s terrible. So much lowland there!!!!! No place to go when the waters are up I guess.
      We really can’t complain. And the references to how much we’ve had are always made with the realization that this has been a pretty wonderful summer, so it’s a thing to mention, but surely not to dwell on.
      Compared to some of the places we’ve been while RV’ing the over all temps this summer have been wonderful for our personal-thermostats. 🙂

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