Friday morning I was getting the day started and considering what to write about when I looked up at the top of the WordPress App and saw this:


Seems hard to believe.  I can’t truthfully say when I actually started this blog — It’s been moved from a self-hosted platform to an different self-hosted platform, then over here to WordPress.Com where I’ve been for golly, a long time now.  Then there’s the fact that when I posted Peggy’s poems (no, she hasn’t been writing any new ones lately) I put them all up as current posts, but after they had been online for a few months I moved them chronologically to the point in our lives where they were originally written — which predates WordPress as an entity. At the least it’s been 2500 ÷ 365 = 6.8 years because I’m rarely  one for multiple posts in the same day  — I think I have posted 5 or 6 recipes as supplemental posts at 3 p.m. instead of my usual 6 a.m.

coffeeThis is my “way of getting going” in the mornings.  A hour or so upright, with a cuppa (or two), organizing my thoughts, and coming to terms with the world and whatever sort of night’s sleep I had.  That’s been a little harder than normal of late — what with the political conventions going on — politics infuriates me.

My keyboard is my silent friend.  With it I keep in touch with friends around the world and typing is the only way I can nearly keep up wtih my own thoughts — so I rarely pick up a writing instrument even though I have had a lifelong love of fountain pens.S I Dupont Montparnasse Pen  I love words.  We have such a rich language and as distinct from other tongues we really do have words for almost anything you might want to say.  Oh, sure, we lack the 27 different words for “snow” that might be found in tongues where snow is a big thing.  But on most accounts we have a wealth of words to choose from.  And I love keeping in touch with good friends and acquaintances I’ve met along the way.  You do so with words, with ideas, and with kindness — which is to say by caring enough about them to take the time to communicate.


You know, just because we are temporary itinerants does not change the way we think about life. It may change the details of our lives; but not the substance. I’m still the same person with the same ideals as before we went mobile.   For my blog I try to stay away from making my subjects about people — even though daily interactions with people often form the stepping off point for my blog, I’d rather talk about ideas; about the things that make this world work, the things that make this world so incredibly amazing — and the things that make life worth living.

I’ve had friends ask “How can you do it, writing every day?”  And the fact of the matter is that I don’t know how to start the day without taking time to think about it. It’s not about being eloquent — God knows I’m not eloquent.  It’s not about being clever — any reader will tell I’m not all that clever.  I can’t remember a punchline to save my life!  It’s all about just being who you are; and for me, that’s taking time of a morning to touch base with a few friends (in the form of emails) and check in with the likes of you.

It’s a milestone for me, I guess.  I don’t think about numbers most of the time.  They come up as sudden surprises.  Little delights. Thanks for stopping by this morning to share with me. I’ll be here tomorrow if you’re so inclined!


2 thoughts on “2500

  1. But you write so well; you’re easy to understand even if you’re describing something technical. You write from the heart and that comes through simply and naturally. You add humor even if you don’t realize it. I’d love to be able to describe a character like you for one of my novels. You said it all when you commented about chatting with friends. That’s simply all it is, and I’m honored to be counted among your friends.


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