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Tuesday dawned — first day off of the week and with beautiful weather who could resist another short roadtrip?  Actually, it’s been a rather rainy summer so we haven’t always been lucky about having days off on warm sunny days, but this was a peach of a day and we had to make the most of it. You may or may not realize that I have not spoken as much about weather since arriving here as we have in the past during other seasons.  As long as we are able to get out and enjoy the day in reasonably warm weather I don’t much care if it’s sunny or rainy — it’s just those cold (or cool) days with continuous overcast rain that get to us.

But that was not Tuesday and we decided to check out some of the local campgrounds.  And when I say “local” I mean in part campgrounds run by local agencies:  cities and counties.

Nugget Lake

Nugget Lake Camp Map

Nugget LakeYou may remember that a couple weeks ago I mentioned Nugget Lake as having been hard hit by storms.  They are re-opened with a few less trees but still a lovely campground.

We also checked out a couple municipally run parks, one in River Falls, and one in New Richmond.  Both are quite small, very exposed to the sun, but are quite nice for their intended purposes; to offer a convenient place to stay for local visitors. They might not be KOA amenity filled, but they are lovely locales and I’d stay in either one without a moment’s hesitation.

CampWhere Icon

Stay Where

Some time ago I picked up an app (It’s called:  STAY WHERE  — while it was still free, now it costs $4.99) that lists a lot of these locally operated campgrounds as well as many federal campgrounds  These two campgrounds are among the ones listed and we have found the app to be helpfull when we were in the middle of nowhere looking for a simple, inexpensive overnight or two.

River’s Edge

rivers edgeIt’s interesting the way times change. 35 years ago I had a job where I travelled Northern Wisconsin quite extensively.  That was before Smartphones, and indoor water parks and much of what we know as life-in-these-United-States.  Tubing down the Apple River was a huge “thing” and I would see dozens — literally dozens of yellow buses lining up to drop people off with inflated innertubes for an afternoon, or day’s float down the river.  Today the situation has changed a lot.  The facilities are still there, and some aspects have been improved but the business is not what it once was. There’s a fairly large campground there now, that didn’t used to be there but today it was nearly deserted.  There are so many more attractions to fight for tourism dollars and only the best survive.  Well, maybe not the “best” but certainly those that are able to capture the spirit of the moment.

Ted’s Pizza

I haven’t had a pizza all summer and I was jonseing for a choice slice of pie in the worst way.  We checked out one of the local joints — and had a nice meal.  Not exceptional, but nice.  Ted’s Pizza is in downtown Menomonie WI, a college town, and clearly they do a lot of business.  The pizza was good — a bit more of a ‘cracker’ crust than I like, but our Greek pizza (also vegetarian) arrived hot, and tasty, and aside from the fact that this 1/2 filled place reverberates with the noise of happy eaters to the point that you might not hear yourself oooohing and ahhhhing over the pie it’s a nice place for a meal.  Heck, with the other options available, I’d return in a heartbeat.  But next time I think I’d try a more traditional pie.

I was curious about the review on Trip Advisor though.  There were several that complained about their pies being greasy and I find that hard to understand.  None of the pies that flew past us on the way to tables looked anything other than delicioso!

We had thought to check out a couple more campgrounds — near Eau Claire / Chippewa Falls but that plan fell through and we were quite happy to head back ‘home’ fully sated.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here again tomorrow.  Why not stop and chat?


3 thoughts on “City & County Parks

    1. Agreed! Some of these “community” campgrounds are really quite nice. Others are nothing more than a quick overnight stop — but one much preferable to Wally World. And most of them are little known about so that you can have some change of an opening at the end of a day’s drive.


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