November Route

There seems to be a part of me that denies this summer will end.  Even now that we have committed to return to S. Texas for the winter I can’t get around to seriously planning a route.  

I got this far about four weeks ago and haven’t looked at the potential route again since.  This is so unlike me.

By the time this posts we will have passed the 2-months-remaining point in our stay here at Highland Ridge.  We have been here almost 3 months and the time has flown by in the way things happen when you’re content.

One of these days I’m going to have to actually make a plan but with a winter plan in place the route can wait I suppose.  After all most of the drive will be in off season – in fact finding places open at the North end of this route will be hard as most State and Corps parks will already be closed before we start out from Milwaukee.

Oh well… I’ve got time…

Some day that attitude’s going to bite me in the butt….

Thanks for stopping.


5 thoughts on “November Route

    1. Not seriously at this time. But we have not really talked very much about what we’re doing in the fall/winter yet. It’s not been the right time to talk about it for some reason.


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  1. Just be aware that freezing rain and snow can actually start up anytime after mid-November anywhere from I20 north. 😉 We’ve had several snowy Thanksgivings in recent years actually. Hope you get your plans in place soon. Sounds like you’re having a good time this summer. Glad to hear that.


    1. Yeah — No one wants freezing rain or sleet!!!!!!!

      We’ll be coming down much earlier than last year and the more I think about it the more inclined I am to keep with the program on the way south. The only semi extended stay I’m thinking about is when we’re in a CORPS park where our young ranger moved to recently. But — we’ll see. We aren’t out of MKE yet and you can never tell about doctors….. sigh.



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