Geocaching at the Campground

The other day we had a very quiet camper in for just one night.  Her little Class C was inocuous and she didn’t say a word to anyone in the campground.

But when she left we went over to do our usual site cleanup and guess what we found?

Little painted rocks distributed around her campsite.  Quite elegantly painted. They were all flat 2-sided rocks so they could be placed painted side up or painted side down and no one would know the difference.

I thought it was fun.  I wonder where one would find the clues to discover these cached stones?

That’s all for today.  Y’all have a great day and stop  by tomorrow to chat.


5 thoughts on “Geocaching at the Campground

  1. Bet she listed them at We love geocaching, but just note that a new geocache usually needs approval by the park owners/superintendents before placing. That said, those are pretty awesome!


  2. Pretty and fun! What a good way for an introvert to say, “I was here.” When I saw the first one I said to myself, “Leave only footprints.” But, I enjoyed the others anyway.


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