Some of the campers we know use Google maps Satellite View to help them choose campsites.  That is an impossible task if you want to stay here.

Highland Ridge 2Highland Ridge, you see is in the middle of forest.  Old forest, past it’s prime forest.  the campsites are nestled in among trees and the trees overarch the sites.  There are no sites with a ‘real’ satellite window — some campers try to cheat by putting their antenna out practically into the road where they can get a peak at a satellite, but in the site there’s bupkiss.

Highland Ridge 1We all have our tricks for finding good campsites.  But I have to tell you something,  when I look at these images from Google and then I look up from the road into the trees I sometimes wonder if these particular images are really this terrain.  I say that because the roads look drawn in– at least to my eye they do.

Do you think Google every cheats on their maps?  There are no Street Views for our vicinity.  We can see the “Satellite View” — it’s dated 2016 for this portion and the thing that bothers me is that there’s ONE roof in an area where there should be two roofs.  And there should be a small clearing for the playground and there is not.  I’m beginning to wonder about our Big Brother Google and how real some of their imagery might be.

Camp Host Site   You can see our site — sort of — in the last screen capture.  I’d be surious to know what time of day this image is supposed to represent because we aren’t normally completely shaded as in this image.

I realize this is really a miracle.  I mean for gosh sake, what kind of resolution do you really expect when you are looking down from the sky miles and miles and miles away.  What do you really expect.  And I guess that’s a statement on modern society and expectations that we should be able to pinpoint a dot on the face of the globe from a few hundred, or thousand miles away.  Still, the government would have us believe that they can pinpoint soldiers on the ground with their gadgets so we come to expect miracles.Palmdale RV Park

Conversely, you can see the Palmdale RV resort where we’ll be staying the winter quite nicely.  Down to individual RV’s and all.  For all I know, Serendipity is in that photo from two years ago!

I’m not s conspiracy theorist,  sometimes oddities catch my attention and I just wonder.

Thanks for stopping by, let’s talk again tomorrow, what do you say?




3 thoughts on “Impenetrable!

  1. The Google Maps image of our campground, although copyright 2016, is from June of 2015. I can pick out who’s trailer and boat are where, and who was home at the time. Crazy stuff.

    Elevation and trees are definitely the biggest downfalls of a satellite image. If street views aren’t available, I try grabbing images off of a campground’s website.


    1. Jim, to be honest, I rarely use the satellite view. I surely don’t use it for routes or for campsite selection. But I do know a lot of folks who do. Somehow it takes the kismet out of travel…. do you know what I mean?


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