Floors… Hmmmm…

Our current RV had a soiled carpet when we bought it.  I’m not sure we actually saw how bad it was because the dealer had an edged piece of identical carpet sitting on top of the stain when the slides were extended, and the slides cover the worst of the stain when they are retracted.  I’m not sure we were aware of the damage until we took possession and then you can’t expect the dealer to replace the entire carpet for the agreed upon price.

Shortly after buying Serendipity we found two carpets that cover most of the lounge and we roll them out when we are in place for more than a couple nights so the stain doesn’t bother us 95% of the time.  2014081316535411

However, we know that at some point …perhaps a couple years or more… we will come off the road and sell the coach.  Given my health issues it only makes sense for us to be a little proactive and anticipate a couple eventualities.  So, we’ve been talking about whether we wanted to replace that carpeting before trying to sell the coach, and if so with what, and when — just before selling to get maximum effect fromt he upgrade, or while we’re still using the coach to get our money’s worth while we’re still using it.

I know other full timers who are more than 10,000 lbs heavier than we are.  So, it’s not like we’re overloaded or anything, but I really hesitate to put down ceramic tile — even though that might be the most durable. What I’m looking for is something that will be nice for as long as we still own the coach (years) and still look new / fashionable by the time we sell.2014040119142505

In our previous coach we had opted to replace the carpet with engineered flooring — wood laminate over engineered substrate. We loved the finished project and never looked back.  If there was a downside to the result it was the fact the slides in the Winnebago rubbed on the floor when extending/retracting and the installing dealer recommended using polyethylene slippers for the slide to ride on to prevent damage to the flooring.

Since then we have talked with numerous other contractors and RV remodelers and they all suggest similar solutions when the slide rubs on the floor so it’s not all that uncommon an occurence — but it’s one that is least noticeable with carpet which simply gives way to the slide mechanism.

We seem to re-visit this subject about every six months — which gives you an idea how much I’d “like” to get it done — the problem being that I just can’t bring myself to plunk down the money to accomplish that goal.  But… the topic has come up again and I’m in conversation with a couple new remodellers who might be able to help us sort out this annoying little fault with our coach.  We could easily stop en route to Texas, spec out the materials, then stop back on our way north after the remodeler has had time to bring the materials on board and be ready for us.

Since remodeling our 2002 coach it seems that materials have changed.  The materials being recommended are no longer engineered flooring.  What I’m hearing now is either ceramic (which you know I’m not interested in) and luxury vinyl planking or squares.  The vinyl is warmer than the natural material & it’s impervious to water which can be a problem in RV’s — after all, who doesn’t spill!!!!!  It’s also light weight.

The easiest solution would be to replace carpet with carpet and nothing more.  But then we’d be faced with the task of trying to keep carpeting looking new and completely unstaind — which knowing my habits is not all that likely.  That would be cheaper by far.

I haven’t the foggiest idea what we’re going to do … yet…

It’s not something we need to jump right on this moment.  But it would be nice if we are going to spend the money to get some use out of it.  Still… I think that the makeover should more than repay itself when it comes time to sell.  So, it’s nagging at my little gray cells (as Hercule Poirot might say)

The decision will also determine what route we take to S. Texas this fall, and again in the Spring… so I really ought to get off dead center and make up my mind if I’m going to do something about it this year….

Thanks for stopping by, on an indecisive morning.  I’ll be here again tomorrow.  Why not stop and say hi!


2 thoughts on “Floors… Hmmmm…

    1. Dave,

      Thanks for the info. I think that’s the say to go. All I have to do is convince myself I actually want to spend the money. Sigh. I hate making decisions about spending money. I have it, and it’s a legitimate expense. But do I really NEED it? Brains can be so quirky



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