Remember that TV we were getting fixed under warranty?

If you remember that Vizio TV we were having problems with about three weeks ago you’ll be absolutely tickled to know that we JUST got it back from Buffalo NY where we had to send it — and it still doesn’t work.  The problem was with the TV no longer responding to the remote (which control is supposed to do everything — the only control on the TV itself is a simple on/off switch).  Vizio TV

You may remember the timeline.

  • Initial call, temporary fix lasted 6 days.
  • Second call, return to factory, wait for shipping documens elapsed time 7 days.
  • Receive shipping container and ship same day to Buffalo. In transit time 3 days.
  • Received by warranty company and turned around in 7 days.
  • Return shipment to us 5 more days.

We were 28 days with it, when it arrived today. (We do still have the TV in the bedroom — but who wants to lay in bed all the time?)  I plugged it in and it’s exactly like it was when we shipped it out to Asurion for the repair.

I called the Walmart Care Plan people again.  The first person I talked with took me through all the preliminaries and when he asked me what was happening now, as soon as I explained what wasn’t working, after 2 1/2 minutes of hearing me just fine,  he suddenly couldn’t hear me anymore.  So, I called back and this time after about the same time I was told that they would review my problem and call me back — within the next 2 days.

We’ll see how this goes….

Thanks for stopping by,  I’ll be here tomorrow, why not stop by.



6 thoughts on “Remember that TV we were getting fixed under warranty?

  1. Oh my goodness, no ill will intended – I laughed out loud reading your post.Remember when appliances and electronics were built to last? Remember when customer service meant precisely that? Remember when second or third party warranties didn’t exist? Remember when faulty merchandise was returned to point of purchase, not scuttled to oblivion 30 days past purchase? Yikes and good luck.

    Off topic, but a television thought prompted by your post.When I left home at 17 my Dad let me take the stoic black and white TV, only recently retired after I don’t even know how many years. It worked just fine, I certainly couldn’t afford a new TV. Don’t know how it came up but several years later my dentist gave me a piece of ex-ray film to tape in one corner (with a paper clip attached) Holy crap! The next day we discovered old B&W captured a paper clip image on the film.Sorry old faithful, you have to go! II suspect that television would have soldiered on another 20 years, dutifully irradiating everyone in the room 🙂


    1. Quite the story! Things like your irradiating TV have been pretty common through the years. We embrace change not realizing the dangers we put ourselves into. When I hear about ADHD and Autism and such I can’t help think that some of our issues today are the results of previous actions, or habits, or exposures. The mothers constantly using antibacterial… if your body isn’t being asked to fight germs how can we expect it ever to do so… Just last night I walked out to meet campers arriving in 2 vehicles and the man in the beat up lead Class C camper was out and chatting with me — the mother in the station wagon or SUV or whatever it was I can’t remember the car — but I saw her behind the wheel of her own car doing her hands with antiseptic before getting OUT of the car.

      I really don’t miss the old TV tube machines — aside from the radiation they were also HEAVY. We had a Sony that took 2 adults to carry.

      And my Father-in-Law’s 1950 refrigerator was still running when we sold his house in 2008! He got his money’s worth out of that one. Not very efficient though.


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      1. The anti-bacterial hand sanitized phenomenon makes me crazy. Come on people, soap and water! Let your kids eat sand at the beach, allow them to dig mud holes and roll in the grass! When my daughter was in grade 2 or 3 she had a classmate over after school. (you know me well enough to realize my kids dug under every rock) Holy crap! Within 15 minutes of play I had a hysterical classmate to calm. Why? There was dirt on her dress! Geez, really? OK, calm down, I can fix this before your mother finds out I let you play outside.What was I thinking? Scandalous repercussions loomed at the whisper of free play! Focus Valerie, you can cover this travesty. Light bulb moment! Please stop crying, we have an hour, I’ll wash your dress – between classmate sobs an exhalation of relief. “thank you” more sobs, my mom doesn’t need to know does she? Holy shit! Don’t worry, I’ll clean your dress, she’ll never know you played in the yard. Argh! Seriously – it was a yardish smudge no bigger than a golf ball! Sigh 🙂


      2. Fortunately our daughter came along before sanitizer, and for that matter so did our Grand-One. But I see this all the time and I have the hardest time not butting in and giving them hell.

        The sad part is the fear of one’s own parent… “my mom doesn’t need to know, does she?” What kind of childhood is that — not only about the dirt, but can you imagine the bevy of life’s aspects that kid has been taught to fear if THAT was her reaction? “My mom doesn’t need to know.” My heart cries out to hear such a thing.

        We have a kid’s playground here and I love to see the little ‘uns playing. And getting bit by mosquitos. The “group site” is big enough for about 25 with several tents and and a couple fire pits, there was a group there last weekend – a rainy-ish weekend and the 7 kids were filthy with “good dirt” and were so mosquito bitten that they looked like they had chicken pox — but the truth is they were having a ball and the parents were too. It was Spanky and the Gang all over again.

        Spanky and Our Gang.


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      3. I proceed cautiously, mustering every fiber of political correctness – hysterical classmate was Asian. A few weeks later her brother invited middle son over after school.I kid you not – the mother made my son shower before he could play in the house. WTF! He was 6 years old! The next week my son announced termination of future play dates (no worries, way ahead of you on that point clean freak momma, but too polite to say so ) I wasn’t prepared for her reason – somewhere between collecting her freshly washed dress daughter and scrubbing my 6 year old clean after school, momma found out we didn’t read the Bible. Kill me now! Sigh. 🙂


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