Remember that un planned journey?

Where have five years taken us? Well, after a recent day off when we went exploring I think our brains are in a very different place than they were when we first started Full Timing.Jun28

Some weeks ago Peggy picked up a flyer for an RV park in the little township of Nelson, WI.  She’s been after me to take a day and make the short drive over there to check it out.  It’s a very small town, a new park, and a small RV park at that (less than 100 sites). So, with a day to ourselves we did just that and dropped off our TV at the UPS store to be repaired (if you’re remembering the discussion about the recent tv failure — it’s now 1 week since it failed and based on their numbers I’m thinking it will be a total of three weeks before we have a working tv back in the lounge).

The interesting thing is that when we saw this almost empty little park I actually liked it, and could even see spending a season, or seasons here.  It’s a brand new place, in the middle of nowhere, and it’s basically undiscovered yet.  But… it sort of appeals… Our initial winter in Los Fresnos was partly about the question:  “is this something we want to do regularly?  And we enjoyed ourselves and all… aside from the wet weather and the cooler than average temps.  And, oh, there were the bad roads in the park.  But in ’14 we weren’t ready to do more than try it .

I won’t say we are getting tired of moving from place to place; but I think we are ready for a little something more regular.  I’m not sure I even wrote those words!  They seem so contrary to who I’ve always been.  But we’ll see where we are and how we feel at the end of the season here at Highland Ridge.

We did not make any commitments.  But it was an eye-opening experience to go to a Wisconsin campground and find myself saying, “I would see coming here regularly.”  It’s not as if the campground was posh. It’s brand new, the trees are small.  There’s no pool — but pools at small Wisconsin RV parks aren’t all that common in the first place.  The town is small — smaller than I usually am even willing to consider — and yet the place appeals to me.  Go figure. So much for being rational.  On the positive side:  there’s a strong Verizon voice and data signal, there’s a satellite window, the routes to Milwaukee and Minneapolis are both easy (albeit long to Milwaukee — 260 miles), there’s a National Wildlife Refuge right nearby, the National Eagle Center is nearby, the Mississippi River is near.  There aren’t very many restaurants — that’s a negative.  But there is a winery. 🙃

Who knows — we might come back to Highland Ridge next year.  Or we might do something else — I suggested to Peg that maybe we just do another year of the Mississippi River and check out the other CORPS parks we haven’t been to — including Gull Lake that I’ve been wanting to visit for a couple years.  Or we might think about a seasonal place.  We have not found anything in SE Wisconsin that we like— near to Mike & Katy — and 20 years ago we actually came out to a place near De Soto looking at property for a home so it’s not like the Mississippi is a ‘new’ infatuation.  We have loved this area for a long long time.  But we aren’t yet ready to throw in the nomad towel.

When we first started Full Timing we went looking for a place to settle down.  Then we realized we weren’t finding them — not as a place to spend the entire year.  Then we weren’t ready to be in one place for very long.  2 weeks was about as long as we could stay put.  Then 2 weeks became about the right amount of time to spend… we could pretty well explore a new area in 14 days if we weren’t doing other things like a volunteer gig.  Then we started looking at longer stays, we kind of liked not moving too often.  Then we realized we could stay in one place TOO long and we went back to wandering 2 weeks at a time.  Then back to multiple month long stays — and now we are in our second 3-5 month stay (Florida and Highland Ridge), with a month long stay reserved (Milwaukee), followed by a 4 month long stay (Texas) and we’re looking at repeating 4 more here or someplace nearby so as to be near for the wedding in 1 year.  I’d say we have definitely set a pattern.

I won’t say that our wandering days are over – there are still places we want to visit. Actually, this very morning we were talking with a departing camper who had done the Canadian Maritimes in a Class A and my wanderlust kicked in once again. But some of our goals may wait for a while, or we may do them in the car, or we may just ultimately choose not to make the trips and be satisfied with what we have already seen.  We’re still feeling fine.  We’re still happy in our RV.  We don’t have to make longterm plans — or decisions — right now.  Finding alternatives is a good thing.

Why not stop by tomorrow and see how the search goes.


3 thoughts on “Remember that un planned journey?

  1. You might like the idea of 4-5 months in a winter place and 4-5 months in a summer place and travel a couple months spring and fall. That always felt to me like it would be a good balance.

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    1. Linda, it may be that’s where we are heading. Earlier in our travels we weren’t ready for that. Now we are finding that we kind of like longer stays and that might become our pattern.
      At the moment we’re wondering about the Minnesota State Bird (the mosquito) and whether a locale like Highland Ridge — right in the middle of the forest — is the smartest place to stay for an entire summer given the number of bites poor Peggy has been getting!!!!! Might need to be out in the open away from places where skeeters can lay eggs.


    2. That’s kind of what we’re casting about for now. Finding something suitable for summer is going to be the hard part. And just yesterday Peggy hit on a ‘snag’ that we really hadn’t thought much about. More about this in a day or two.



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