Never Force a Plan

A few days ago I wrote about our considerations for this winter.  Well, in the spirit of an Unscripted Life, everything I wrote that day has just been thrown out the window.  The ‘problem’, if such it is to be called, is that nothing was jelling.  The ideas we had were interesting but not compelling in our present state of mind so we looked hard at where we’ve been and what we still want to accomplish.

After a couple months of throwing ideas around to no avail, we talked about the possibility of returning to S. Texas and everything fell into place in two days.  I love it when a plan comes together;  sometimes when the two of us have been traveling one thought-path for a while it almost instantly appears that we really both want something quite different. planning-gone-awry

For us that means that we’ll hang out here until the 19th of September.  Then we’ll spend 1 month in Milwaukee — a week or so for doctors’ visits but mostly time for family and nosing around town and a little break after a summer of daily schedules.  Then we’ll spend a month getting from Milwaukee to Los Fresnos and return to the same RV park we stayed at in the winter of ’14-’15.

Some might question our choice.  There were issues with the park in particular.  And some with weather. But this is our thinking.

  • The park has been sold to new management — so our concerns about the way the park was being handled should be allayed.
  • The pool has been repaired.
  • There are permits out to repair the roads — our biggest concern.
  • The long range forecast is very different from our last visit.  that year we had been forecast for cooler and wetter weather — and that’s what we got. This year the long range forecast is for drier and warmer than normal.  Acceptable to me for sure.
  • We like the social climate.
  • We LOVE the location — close to Padre Island & close to the Rio Grande Valley RV community.
  • The prices are more appealing than Florida
  • It’s a shorter drive than the desert S.W.

In another year or at another time we might have done things differently, but we just weren’t satisfied with any of the ideas we tossed around — for now.  Maybe next year.


Never force your plans….

We’re reserved in Milwaukee for the month.  We’re reserved for Los Fresnos for 4 months beginning in Mid November.  So, we’re good to go.

On the way South we hope to connect with Matt — the ranger who just moved from here to Oklahoma.  Evidently I had the state wrong — I thought he said he was moving to Kansas, that was wrong.  But we discussed with him our plans and he wants us to contact him in a month when he knows what CORPS projects he’ll be working at and we’ll see about routing through his area.  He’ll be happy to see a familiar face he says.

Until we know where he’s going to be I’m not going to do much about routing or en route reservations/plans.

With the wedding next April, this seems a simplified plan.  We won’t be quite so far from Milwaukee for a return trip.  We can leave mid March and be back at either April 1 or April 15 — depending on how things go between now and then.

In the meantime … I’m already salivating thinking about lots of fresh seafood again!  That’s it for the Monday before the 4th of July.  We’re ramping up for the holiday weekend.  We’re full once again.  We started our site measurement project but between full sites and other work it will take us a couple weeks to get into every site and get all the measurements and notes.

Why not stop by again tomorrow and see what’s shaking?


6 thoughts on “Never Force a Plan

  1. Woo hoo! sound great and if I happen to be in the state of Texas…which is not an impossibility, I’ll see if I can come down for some of that see food…I mean sea food. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like see food…. I see food and I eat it! 🙂

      I never had Ceviche before 2 years ago — not sure why, but I didn’t. And they make some killer ceviche too! Shrimp are big, as are local redfish and others.


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