Spontaneous Silliness

Sometimes you just have moments.  For an instant the whole world sings in harmony;  nothing can go wrong;  everything is right; and you — you are at peace with the universe!  Friday I had another one of those moments..feel good

Fridays are not our hardest days but they are the busiest. We can pace the rate at which we clean campsites — so our Sunday grueling cleanup marathon when the greatest number of campers leave is hard work but a rather zen experience. Not many people around, we make our rounds, do our thing, and chatter away about everyday topics.  Sundays are those “Good Tired” days.

Fridays, though, are no so manageable.  You can’t control when other people roll up to the entrance.  Not the people; not the weather; not the rate at which they arrive.  Fridays are a little bit of pandemonium mixed with a little bit of boredom, with humor, angst, and outrage thrown into the mix.

The Gatehouse we DON’T have.

The Gatehouse we DON’T have.

Having no gatehouse, there’s no way around putting on a lot of steps on Fridays.  If I can refresh your memories, our site sits just opposite the kiosk at the entrance to the park.  20160430160819321We’re back from the road about 20’ which means when someone arrives we have the option of sitting in our chair (either inside the coach or a lawn chair outside) and waiting for someone to come to us, or getting out of our chair and going to greet them on the opposite side of the road some 40’ away.  What sort of hosts would we be if we always waited for people to come to you?  So, when people drive up I stop what I’m doing (reading) and greet them.  The regulars know the routine — some of them don’t even STOP.  The newbies arrive looking bewildered.  The periodic guests know the routine and stop for a chat and then move on without a lot of interaction but they are, after all, campers and campers tend to be: a.) chatty, b.) friendly, c.) not in a hurry.

So, Friday evening we had been sitting there outside the coach. The sun was shining, About 2/3 of our campers had arrived by 6 p.m. and we were sort of winding down.  I’d just finished greeting three or four arrivals in a row and after walking back to the coach and the lawn chairs I sat down and just started giggling.  I was so happy.  It was a goofy moment.  Nothing particular had happened but all was right with the world.


The campers were friendly, inquisitive, easy to get along with.  No one had hit us with strange questions or problems we didn’t have answers for.  We were full in the main campground for the weekend and even managed to sell almost all of the overflow sites.  We were doing just what we were supposed to do. And it was just… right.


From a little way up the road the arriving driver doesn’t even know we’re here!


Only once you’re nearly upon us do we appear over there on the far left.

They come along from time to time — these moments when all is well with the universe.  I love them.  To be honest, I think I have more of these perfect moments since we started full timing than I ever did before.  But before retirement I was … perhaps… in too big of a hurry to appreciate them.  I was always doing.  To appreciate most of these moments I have to be still.  There has to be a pregnant pause when the Universe can speak to me, and when I can hear it speaking — over the din of everyday life.

I think… and it’s only an idea… that these moments come along when you are doing exactly the right thing at the right time.  They are more about your place in the cosmos than they are about how one might relate to any problem or challenge.  I think you can be challenged and be at peace too.  perfect peaceBut it’s a different phenomenon. When I was younger and struggling with all the things every young adult struggles with I really liked the scripture from Isaiah.  I thought knew what it was to be content in God no matter how how rough the road might be.  But that was nothing to do with being in sync with the universe.  It’s one thing to be in perfect peace amid struggle and confusion.  It’s quite another to find that one place you belong out of all the places in the universe.

It wasn’t about having a volunteer gig — though what had happened was because we were here.  I would not have been interacting with all those people otherwise.  But I don’t necessarily need a volunteer gig to find that kind of “this-is-where-I’m-meant-to-be” moment — and I know too well that this-is-where-I’m-meant-to-be often changes.  I’m not meant to be in the same place all the time.  My restless spirit tells me that.

So, anyway… today is a celebration of joy.  There are a lot of really interesting folks out there.  A lot of them are campers — fortunately.  I’m glad I’m rubbing elbows with them for now.  Really glad.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.




4 thoughts on “Spontaneous Silliness

  1. Wonderful post, Peter. You describe the feeling well…a wonderful feeling it is. As I read your word the thing that stood out was the moment of pregnant pause that allows you to see joy in life…the stop and smell the roses moment that so many people miss on a daily basis.

    Lately I have been interacting with my older sister and her world is not as zen like as mine. I’m finding she is a bit of a high maintenance person. I have been busy, busy, busy, but not with the kind of things I really enjoy but more things to help her deal with life overwhelms. The kind of things you do because you should. While I want to strengthen my relationship with my sister, I am mindful that I must do it in such a way as to not affect my time with Rick…and I must find that time for myself…fr those pregnant pauses which allow me to appreciate life so much.

    Thank you for the reminder.


    1. You’re welcome.

      We have those times in life when there are things we need to do and they are rarely fun. Or so it seems.

      I admire you if you’re able to stay patient with high maintenance people. Any of them. Much less family. I’m an only child and while I can be patient about a lot of things it has always seemed to me that “high maintenance” equates to spoiled & whiney. And those two attributes I have absolutely no patience with. For example, this summer I am telling the same old stories about where to get wood, and where to find a grocery and lots of things that people could be finding on their own but are too lazy to investigate — just make someone else do your work for you — but I try hard to get them off their ‘kick’ and talking about something else. If I do it right I can end up being friendly with folks I’d otherwise want to throttle.

      You make an important point though… trying to help out one person should not have to mean making someone else sacrifice your time with them. Tricky that one — demanding people tend to… demand, right? 🙂

      I’m sure you’ll suss it out and I’m guessing Rick is understanding of the tension in you to be fair to him while still letting loose some of that generosity of spirit that makes you you.



      1. I find that digging in the dirt is very therapeutic these days…I’m off to go plant flowers and work on the Love Shack (as my friend calls our project house). 😀


      2. Yeah — that’s something that’s giving me a little trouble right now. I’ve got a couple projects in my head that I’m having a hard time working out and what I need is some time without interruption, but living in 300 sq ft that doesnt’ happen often. Peg’s going away for a day with Katy and Mel to dress shop, maybe I’ll spend the time thinking. Usually our drives provide the time to process (when I’m supposed to be thinking about driving) but we haven’t been doing much driving lately.


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