WordPress Theme Issues

I’ve been having problems with the WordPress theme I’ve been using so if you see some variations in the appearance of the blog over the next few days, my apologies for the seeming unfamiliarity — I hope to get this sorted by the end of the holiday weekend.

PS: After 5 days of strange performance I’m still not sure what the problem was/is.  It might be the DSL line here into the campground.  It might be that WordPress is having higher than normal usage. Or it might be gremlins.  In the end, because the wonky performance wasn’t displaying the template right I ended up changing the WordPress Template.  Some of those template formats just seem to be more efficient than others.  I suppose it’s all about coding efficiency.  But here’s hoping that I won’t freak out about it again for a while.  I self-hosted my WordPress site for most of the first 7 years I was blogging and I had lot of problems with a self-hosted site.  Even though using WordPress for hosting has mostly gotten rid of those problems I guess I’m still gun-shy.   At any rate — things are going back to normal.


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