Wither the Wind

We have been enjoying our awning.  I know that seems an odd statement, but we haven’t always been able to do that while RV’ing.  And it brought up the question where in the U.S. are the winds more pronounced?

Enter Google to the rescue.


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What can’t you find on the InterWebs?  It wasn’t long before I had a very interesting map of the U.S. showing mean windspeed averages in the U.S.

I have to tell you that I have serious doubts about the accuracy of this map — I have never driven West when I didn’t have horrendous winds out of the West impeding my progress and sapping my fuel mileage, but this is what the chart purports to say. Note this is a January map.

sig995_meanwwnd_05A little more searching and I found a May map. It’s not much different in the areas that concern me, but there are significant differences summer to winter.

The reason I was interested is that here in the Midwest I’m able to leave my awning out much of the time.  In S. Texas and Florida I never left the awning out if we left the coach for the day and I rarely left it out at all because the winds were variable enough that I didn’t want to risk damage.  I have sort of a mental guideline that over 20 mph the awning comes in.  Just to be safe.

This search did result in a more extensive look-see and I found another source for information — the national renewable energies industry.  Their maps are different in that you can view windspeed at a couple elevations:  30 meters and 80 meters — so that’s not telling about ground speed, but it does give you an interesting look into the way Nature works on our planet.

If this is something you are interested spend a little time and evaluate your own favorite places to camp.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here tomorrow to chat.


9 thoughts on “Wither the Wind

    1. Yeah they do!

      It really is amazing the power of wind, if you can be philosophical about it. But if you’re stuck out IN it, it’s not so fun…. or at least I never thought so.


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  1. I’m a wind junkie. Not having lived in the States I wouldn’t know statistically windy regions from not, but oh man, I know where to find thunderstorms. Deposit me in Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, the Dakotas, or Nebraska on a lazy summer afternoon and I’ll guarantee uppity winds. Sigh 🙂

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    1. You Got It!

      Clearly, a person living in an oversize tin can has a different take on gusts and howling! I find my attitude about wind has changed since starting this lifestyle. I’m still in awe, but not so much in like…. 🙂 🙂


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  2. Oh, I could write a long comment on the wind. The vast majority of the time, we actually add stakes to our big awning on the ends when we put it out. Hubby runs stakes that he can disconnect quickly from the awning, if needed, and just leave them on the ground to roll it back up. We also had to stop overnight about two hours from home yesterday as we were driving back from NM due to the wind and heat. Gusts were up to 60 mph yesterday evening coming off of storms to the south. No RV driving in those conditions, at least for us.


    1. I usually get off the road long before 60 MPH — unless of course it’s a tailwind. 🙂

      We have seen numerous RV’s with awning guy lines. Our old awning with vertical legs I might have done that with, but the new one with the scissors arms and no vertical legs I’m scared to try tying down. Not sure why. Just gives me the heebie-jeebies.



  3. We don’t push it too far in putting it out in the wind, but we always have wind to some degree, it seems. The tie down lines are just a little extra insurance to hopefully save us from a big, unexpected gust, which happens at times. I should write about my experience in southern Colorado a few years ago sometime. Hubby and son took off into town and left me at camp with the awning out and not tied down. A quick storm started blowing up, and I had to literally go hold down the front edge of the awning until they got back because I couldn’t put it up by myself in the wind. It took them about 30 minutes to get back after I called. It was not a fun experience! lol

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