How long is that site?

Once again we get a chance to have some real kind of impact!

How about this cutie that we saw in Hudson WI

How about this cutie that we saw in Hudson WI.  Between the lettering and the windup crank I thought this guy had some real creativity!  We found it right outside the Hudson Bagel shop

I was tickled when we were volunteering at the Oregon Dunes to be able help out with the information they posts on  — by providing more detailed information about each site we made life a little easier for anyone making reservations.  Just this week we had a request to do something similar here at Highland Ridge.

In the next few days we’ll be out in the campground measuring sites and providing camper-friendly information about what each site is like: degree of shade, incline, suitability, etc.  That will be fun!

This came about because the last couple weekends we’ve had campers with reservations who arrived only to find that their site — of listed length — might actually be that long, but it wasn’t able to accommodate their Class A coach and also get it reasonably level!  Other campground have the same problem, the information listed on the reservation service is simply inadequate and sometimes listed lengths have no relationship to the usable length.  This is one reason I like volunteering.  It’s not always about transient issues and public relations.  Though, we do spend a lot of time each day doing P.R. and schmoozing campers.

This looks like such an interesting idea.  Probably wouldn’t transport very well, but a “Florida Room” on an RV! :-)

This looks like such an interesting idea. Probably wouldn’t transport very well, but a “Florida Room” on an RV! 🙂

In the case of those campers who arrived to unusable-to-them sites, all were   accommodated by moving to one of the non-electric equestrian sites (all the other sites in the campground were full).  One camper had rooftop solar — so it was no big deal for them and they were the ones who had reserved for the longest time.  The other ran their generator for a couple hours each day and they were happy.  But a lot of campers aren’t well equipped to ‘camp’ without electricity so anything we can do to prevent disappointment or hard feelings when new folks arrive make me feel good.

Grilled Sausage Chips

grilled sausage chips

grilled sausage chips ?!&$#

Ok —  I know this is completely off topic and off the wall to boot, but for anyone out there who is on a lo-carb/hi-protein diet — you have to at least look at this.  Never in my life would I have thought to take a sausage, slice it into narrow slices and grill it; and then use those grilled, thin slices as dipping chips.

Too bad this isn’t on my low salt diet!

The thing is, as weird as it looks it would be lower in fat than the sausage alone!  One never knows where the next great blockbuster idea may come from, right?  If you like grilled sausage.  😜

It’s Thursday.  Our work week begins again.  Last night we had a productive discussion about our winter travels — sometimes it works that way — writing about it during the day helps solidify my thoughts enough to get a conversation going with Peggy.  And I have a little more sense of direction. Except the one thing I realized during our conversation is that October is the month I should be getting my next batch of meds — so insuring that we’ll be somewhere we can receive them will be an important consideration.  Details, details, details.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.





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