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“Fit” as a “Crown”

Tuesday and Wednesday being off days we got a lot of chores sorted this week.  We also got a taste of living in rural Wisconsin with three more extended power outages.  With our rooftop solar it’s not as if we are completely without power, but we’ve been reminded how iffy rural power supplies can be.

2016_HR-V_1 Not only did we get our airbag recall taken care of, we also took the time at the dealership to check out the Honda Fit and the HR-V.  With 135,000 on the odometer (not counting tow miles) we still have some life left in our CR-V but having some idea what might come next is always a good idea and I’m glad we checked them both out.  If we have to make a change at least now I know what Honda has to offerhummingbird feeder.

We also added another hummingbird feeder to our array.  We had a suction cup mounted feeder last time here but the windows in the coach are too high for me to replace the nectar from the ground and I wanted one we could hang from a coat hanger wire.  The little beggars are already drinking us dry — but we love seeing them around and I’d rather have them buzzing the feeder than buzzing US!  Those red CORPS vests attract them and the little blighters can scare a person to death!

dental-crownAnd Wednesday the dentist installed my crown — so I can chew again!  I really like this dentist.  If we come back next summer (still just thinking about it) we may visit him again.

Time in River Falls meant another grocery trip and another trip to Home Depot.  Our fold-out step is rusting.  While we’re here it would be nice to get the step sanded and painted, with a new safety grit strip installed.  I now have the supplies I needed; if the weather stays dry maybe I can get that job done in the next week or so.

Being close by, we also tried one of the local Chinese restaurants.  I was in need of a Hot & Sour Soup fix.  The soup was surprisingly good — both Hot-er and Sour-er than we’ve had for quite some while. The prices were reasonable. The resto is small and their menu is limited but it was an OK lunch on a day when we still had a lot to do and didn’t want to take a long lunch-break.  The quick lunch made it possible to sneak in our weekly laundry and to finally hang that other bird feeder — which has been sitting on the counter for 2 days.  The one thing we forgot in our weekly shopping rounds was…. more sugar for the hummingbird nectar.  sigh.  We always manage to forget SOMETHING.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.




6 thoughts on ““Fit” as a “Crown”

    • I thought the FIT was flat towable and I had been looking at that as a CR-V replacement, but this salesman say the ’16 was not. But it’s a case that the manual should be, but they don’t ever see any manuals in production.

      The HR-V — is towable he says is. But unless I’m blind I don’t see ANY Honda’s in the 2016 Dinghy Guide.

      Click to access 2016DinghyGuide.pdf

      If we hold to our jello-plan of staying on the road till ’18 we may just keep this one until we’re no longer RV’ing and trade then. Or buy used. The ’14 CR-V was the last flat towable with an automatic trans.

      For all the Hondas I see towed, the company seems to be kissing off that market.


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      • And I don’t understand them doing that, as the CRV is one of the top two toads we see coming into our park (and on the road). Jeep Wrangler is the other. Odd that they would make that move.


      • Agreed. It’s all the result of the Constant Velocity transmission. Everyone using them (to my knowledge) has dropped off the Dinghy list.

        But other mandates — pollution and fuel mileage — are more expensive than the number of lost sales I’m guessing. The bean counters have that all figured out I’m sure.


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  1. We, as RVers, tend to look at so many products as they relate to our needs. We all tend to forget that less than 1% of the cars sold will be towed this way. No manufacturer is going to modify a design that their marketing and engineers have decided is best for their market.
    There are still plenty of good vehicles even ones with automatic trans that are being sold. Check out Ford and Jeep. They both tow with a minimum of fuss.
    Or… you can always get that 2014 CRV you’ve had your eye on.


    • Dave, I agree about the unlikelihood that manufacturers would change a design to accommodate RV’ers — we are a very small market. Might be nice if they did, but it’s not likely.

      I wonder about the towed-with-a-minimum-of-fuss. The 2016 Dinghy Guide makes the towing ritual look fairly easy for Ford, but it seems that was not always the case — Some Fords (prior years) I thought needed SEVERAL fuses pulled and then you had to reset your defaults all over for your GPS system. I’m going on memory here but I’m pretty sure that was the Fords.

      We have 135,000 on our CR-V and we’ll see if she’ll hold out for 200,000 before trading. Who knows — they may take my license away by then. 🙂



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