The Angst of Being a New Hire


sometimes seeing the same information from a different point of view helps. I use this screen a lot.

I may be 5 years retired but I still have moments when I can recall what it was like to be new hire at a company.  My heart goes out to the interns here because they get put into some interesting situations — and some of them they are not prepared for — which is pretty much the situation for ANY person hiring into a new company.  No matter how good your training is, you’re going to run into a few brick walls — and no one in their right mind is going to want to mess up their brand new job.

Site List

you don’t have to be satisfied with the site list

The change here to a 24 hour reservation window, instead of a 48 hour reservation window is causing a few problems — which really means that customers don’t understand the change and neither do some of the staff.  One advantage of having our CORPS provided DSL line is that we can always go online and at least have some knowledge about reservations out beyond the 24 hour window.  As can anyone looking to make reservations.

There is a feature on the website that not everyone uses.  Instead of searching for availability by date and site, there is a page that gives all of the sites for a two week period and shows you the Walk-up, Reserved, Available status for all of them.  It’s a tool I often use when I’m trying to line up several stops, at different campgrounds.  Being a visual guy — seeing the entire list is easier for me than going at one site at a time when both the site number and the date are subject to variation.

Our two new interns got this evening’s problem sorted.  My heart went out to them though because after a couple weeks of rudimentary training they get turned loose to wander among the wolves (campers).  It can be scary to represent something as big as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; I can see why they might not want to act too decisively.  Or too arbitrarily.   But these young folks have got some chutzpah and I think they’re doing a great job.

Thanks for stopping. Let’s chat again tomorrow.


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