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20160601090903133Beasties on the Road! Look Out!

Wednesday on our drive to Treasure Island while we were leaving the campground we were surprised to see the road blocked by beasties;  dairy beasties;  multi-hundred pound beasties!  Somehow or other one of the local farmer’s cattle breeched the cattleman’s defenses and made her escape.  I didn’t see any accomplices waiting in the weeds with an escape vehicle,  and poor old bossy was mightily stressed when we started to go around her.  It’s easy to see how the cowboys were able to drive 1000 cattle to market — all you have to do is come up behind her and she starts running in whatever direction you are moving.  Yee Haw.  Git along big dogey.

Not wanting to be a bad neighbor we pulled into the dairyman’s driveway.  Didn’t see any humans, but we did see a truck with the door open near the garage.  Getting out of the car I was greeted by the local farm animals:  a pitbull-lab mix and 2 chihuahuas.  Talk about an odd assortment of farm dogs.

I finally found one guy in the garage — he was leaning against a pile of wood.  When I started to tell him about the beasties in the road, he said, “If you want to tell them, he’s in the barn.”  I guess it’s farm etiquette to go to the right department and conduct your business through proper channels.  So off I went looking for someone else to inform.

“Them” was in another barn — I hope it wasn’t the milking shed because it was pretty dirty compared to any milking sheds I’ve seen — you know I do go to the Wisconsin State Fair and have actually seen real life milking operations to even if I am a city boy I do have some idea of how clean a dairy farm is supposed to be.

I delivered my message and I started to leave — only to find that those Chihuahuas were UNDERNEATH our car.  I was hoping I wasn’t going to have a Doc Martin (PBS series) moment and run over the farmer’s dog with my tires — but we were fortunate and the even though I didn’t see the dogs again I didn’t hear a loud “Yip.”  I think we got away without killing anything.

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    • RIGHT. Actually, she didn’t even look all that big when she was out on the road looking really scared.

      It was fun playing cowboy in a car though. 🙂

      When we saw how she behaved with anything behind her it’s easier to understand the whole “Cattle Drive” thing….

      > >

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