Old Diary

Raindrops keep falling on my head

It’s a lovely, rainy afternoon.  And I really mean that!  Midwestern rains are so unlike other rains — to me they are comfort, almost as good as comfort FOOD! The sound of dropping water, whether on leaves, or roof, or pavement — it’s like Momma Nature’s heartbeat.  And the sound of good old Midwestern thunder — well… it’s like the hiccups to me:  natural, but always unexpected — and it usually makes me giggle inside.  I just love it.

Sights, sounds, tastes, aromas — they are our contact with the outside world. Entire worlds of memories can focus upon a single sensory moment.  I remember places I have visited by what I ate — so taste if particularly strong for me.  I remember people I’ve met by aromas (sometimes good, sometimes not).  Sounds trigger memories of neighborhoods; often of vacations with family.  And obviously a glimpse of my sweetie’s face can bring a lifetime of memories to mind.

I have a number of friends; women who posed for me in days gone by; several of whom are/were Sign Language interpreters.  I have been particularly blessed to have known them — not only for what we did in studio, but more importantly for an awareness they brought me of what it can mean to live without sound — without hearing.  Without a doubt they have been responsible for an growing appreciation in my life of all of my senses.

On a day like today when I have a day off, I don’t have to be anywhere, I have the luxury of sitting here, at the back of the coach, in my little office I can gaze out the window at the trees, I can watch the water play off the leaves, I notice droplets at the end of pine needles and wonder how long before they fall, or how much larger they will need to get before weight overcomes surface tension and falls to the ground.

I’m not big on sitting around, staring out windows, but I really like my little office.  The rear office sold usIt’s a place of solitude (assuming I don’t have the TV blaring).  It’s a place of reflection.  I often sit here and the faces of friends from long ago flash before my eyes.  Sometimes I take a moment to drop them a line when I’ve thought of them; others I’ve lost touch with and say a little prayer for them, hoping they are well and still fighting the good fight.

I may talk about weather a lot, but I do like the rain.  It’s good for the earth, for the plants, for the critters, and for us too.  Let me close off today with some thoughts about dancing in the rain…. and a video of the Deborah Iowa Eaglets dancing in the rain….

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here again tomorrow.  Why not stop by and say HI!