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Things to do in the rain

It was a rainy, soggy holiday weekend and it’s always interesting to see what people will do to pass the time while camping.

There are those who solve the 20160528062743126what-do-to-in-the-rain problem simply by not showing up.  Yup,  we had our share of those this weekend.

There are always the ones who get out a board game, or a deck of cards and spend the time playing games.  We had a few of those!

Then there are others who are content to sit under their extended awning, sip a few glasses of wine and hope that the dogs — who are already all wet — will stay where they are and not come over wanting some loving!  Bernese Mountain Puppy with wet furOne couple with three dogs clearly had adopted that approach and every time we walked past we were greeted by a slightly soggy looking Bernese Mountain Dog.

The folks I feel sorry for were the ones with three kids who arrived in a pop-up camper and about 45 minutes after arriving I saw them back at the check-in.  It seems that the motor what operates the pop-up lift mechanism was malfunctioning and they hoped we had an electric site they could switch to — so they could use an alternate method of raising the pop-up.  The three kids with them were not very happy that camper was broken.

Cartoon_OChildren, of course, don’t seem to mind the rain as much as parents.  A lot of them are happy riding their bikes in the rain, the same as if it was dry — and with rain come puddles that they can ride THROUGH…. splash, splash, splash.

wingmanI see TV antennas cranked up to full height.  All the folks with Winegard Batwing antennas are beating the rain the old fashioned way:  by watching TV!

There will always be this folks to set up camp, and then leave to find some drier place to spend time: the shopping center, the grocery store, the local bar, the movie house.  But then in Spring Valley there is no shopping center, and no movie house.  There are numerous bars — this IS Wisconsin after all. But the grocery store closes early on Saturday!

As for us, we still had our report to work and rounds to make — covering the golf cart with a tarp helps keep it mostly dry to we don’t get too wet in the rain.  We do get more questions however.  I’m getting good at standing under an umbrella and briefing campers on alternative plans.Tick-Identification-Card

At least there aren’t a lot of folks out on the trails; so there isn’t a lot of worry this weekend about ticks.  It seems that deer ticks are quite prevalent this year — we’ve already heard reports from the rangers.

A few more folks will arrive on Saturday – today.  A few campers were hoping it would dry out rather than having to set up camp in the rain.  Some will cancel.  Most will have a good time regardless.

As for us.  With Kathryn here this weekend we have plenty to catch up on.  She deposited our mail and our prescription drugs, so we’re caught up with the “world.”  And we’re getting caught up on family matters and gossip and, of course, eating.  Michael’s allergic to seafood, so we had to have some fresh fish for dinner, and we always seem to be able to come up with something she hasn’t had recently.  So, for us, the soggy weekend isn’t a problem.

So there you have our Saturday morning thoughts.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll chat with you tomorrow.


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  1. That dog is so cute. I’ve lived in a dry arid climate so long that a weekend of rain would depress me. I like it moving in, knocking the dust down, and then moving on quickly.


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