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I know what day it is!

There is one particular redeeming factor associated with volunteering.  You get to know what day of the week it is!  I’ve managed three weeks in a row of pretty much knowing exactly what day it is — after months of having nothing upon which to hang dates.  I’m not in a hurry to work harder than we are, but even this guy — who has always had a very loose relationship with time — kind of likes knowing what day it might be!  (Though I’ve never seen all that much reason to live my life by a calendar).

Its’ another Friday and the campers will be streaming in the door in another couple hours.  I’m looking forward to this week’s new variety of visitors.  From a sociological point of view every weekend is completely different.  You get the families in multiple sites (parents, grandparent, uncle & aunties),  families with large broods of kids, families with no kids, long stays, short stays, talkative/friendly campers and loners — It’s always interesting (to me) to see this wonderful assortment of folks who mostly get along with each other without interference from outside.

This should be a warm and dry weekend — but we have rain in the forecast for next weekend’s holiday and we’ve seen a couple cancellations already in the tent sites.  Who wants to go camping and stay wet all weekend long.  Next weekend is also when Katy is supposed to arrive for a short visit — but she found that a good friend is moving from Milwaukee to N.O. LA that weekend so seeing as she can see us a lot more often than she can see her friend who’s moving out of the area we may only have an abbreviated visit.  Which is fine.  She has friends her own age and that’s a good thing.


Last evening whilst taking our evening walk I noticed a wobbly sign.  I’m sure it’s a change — the sign wasn’t tipping over and wasn’t loose in it’s hole before — someone backed into it.  The only reason I comment is that it’s amazing to me that even when there aren’t all that many people in the campground it’s still possible for things to happen — for damage to be done — and not have us be aware of it at the time.  Sure — we notice it after the fact and we can insure that the sign gets re-seated and fixed, but how/why would something like that happen — and we are only 100’ from the sign (although not in a sight-line).  And the park hasn’t been all that busy either.  It’s not something that would cause much noise; a good whack with a bumper is all it would take,  But why someone would be back up there is beyond me.  It’s a large Y turn.  OH well, not my circus and not my monkeys.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be here tomorrow to chat.


3 thoughts on “I know what day it is!

    • More’n likely it’s the lawn mower guy who hates weed whacking and whacks the sign with the zero turn mower.

      Funny thing is we were 100’ away when we saw that through the trees. You know how something catches the light and the light catches your eye? We were on a parallel road looking through the trees and I said, “something’s wrong over there.”

      That said, the folks that do the maintenance and mowing here are really nice folks. Have had the contract for years, but you know how it goes with bidding on a contract. A few years ago they were getting 60,000 per season, now it’s down to 40,000+ because every year they end up cutting their bid to get the contract. Costs go up and their income comes down…. sigh. Father and son operation. Dad had a stroke 18 months before our last gig here and he’s made a lot of progress in being able to speak and understand — but he never lost the ability to drive a zero turn mower! 🙂

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