In Search Of…

Wednesday wasn’t a day off but we spent a little while taking care of personal business in between CORPS chores.  After talking with our boss, we found a dentist nearby whom we’ll contact about working on my cracked molar.  And, Phil had told us about a local grocery that was having a “Truckload Meat Sale” — seeing as it was only 8 miles away we bopped over there for a quick check and found a couple not-exactly-bargains, but worth spending a little money on.  I say not exactly a bargain because the meat for sale wasn’t prime, or choice — it was one step above utility grade.  You get what you pay for in this world and there really aren’t bargains anymore….. Those TV’s you see on Black Friday promotions are usually special low-cost productions that lack the niceties of normal stock and that old addage “If it’s too good to be true, it usually is,” still applies.


On the other hand I finally got my air filter sorted.  That fastener that came out has been replaced, a new filter is installed, and the air restriction guage is reset.

As long as the replaement fasteners came with both parts of the fastener — the bolt and the nut — I had not investigated whether the nut had disappeared before ordering the bolts.  As long as the filter was tight in the canister I didn’t want to pull it out prematurely and risk getting anything into the engine by having the filter out of the canister for longer than necessary.  With forest critters and such it’s possible we could have gotten something up in there.  So, when I took the canister out to install the replacement I was happy to see that the retainer nut was still in place.  That means that it was just a case of the fastener working loose.  So, with everything put back into place I’m happy as a clam;  but why people say ‘happy as a clam’ I have no idea.

We are seeing a little more activity in the campground mid-week now.  The rangers are showing up more often — not a lot, but a little.  They are updating their signs, finally. And we have been having  about 2 walk-ins per night in addition to our reservations.  The walk-ins all need to be told about the change in reservation window — so we have reason to chat them all up and lately it’s been true that our walk-in’s have been a bunch of Chatty-Kathy’s !!!!!  But — we’re having a good time. And meeting some really intersting folks.

Thanks for stopping by,  it was a quiet day, so I’ll stop here.  But I’ll be back tomorrow to chat.



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