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After a couple weeks of overnights in the upper 40’s and 50’s last night’s dip down to 37º came as a bit of a surprise.  On the positive side of the story, we are as far north as Minneapolis and it ought not to be surprising!Spring Valley Climate numbers I felt a little sorry for the Teardrop trailer rally — as their small units and cold temps have to be a challenging combination!  Certainly with a campground full (all the electric sites are occupied) and the cold temps the electric grid is struggling a little.  Our power was going in and out for about an hour as campers woke up, turned on their heaters and the power grid went through a bunch of power surges with voltage dropping below 100 VAC two mornings in a row.

It wasn’t a record breaker though.

Milwaukee May 10 2016

Milwaukee — May 10, 2016 from Sobelman’s Bar & Grill on St. Paul

And we didn’t actually have snow on the ground they way they did in Milwaukee.  Their latest snow numbers look like this:

Latest snowfall in Milwaukee:
Latest Trace was May 30th 1897/1989
Latest Accumulation was May 28th 1947 1.0″

Two days from now the rest of the CORPS staff starts work.  Of course that doesn’t mean they’ll actually be working.  There are always certifications and re-certifications to be done, training, and orientations.  Two weeks after starting the second ranger still isn’t up to his normal work schedule as he’s still doing training.  But, little by little we’ll be seeing more of the CORPS staff than we have.

This year we don’t have to be concerned about Day Use Permits.  In the past it was part of the routine to greet and insure that campers had a day use pass for the period of their stay.  Hall PassLast year they added that to the routine the Rangers were suppose to be following — so we get one chore taken off our list, though we can still issue them if the ranger hasn’t gotten around to them by the time they need the pass (for the other parts of the property about 10 miles away).  Frankly, it makes me think of being in school when you needed a Hall Pass!  But then, no one wants a ticket for not paying the Day Use fee (which is included if you are camping).


My new Kindle Fire looks like this

I broke down and bought an eBook reader.  I’ve had it a little short of one week and I’m still very much undecided how I feel about it.  Curiously, the day I received it there was a news article about how eBooks have lost popularity over the past year and the article was spelling the doom of the whole eBook industry.  Of course that was probably written by a publisher who has a vested interest in paper publishing.  After looking up the numbers there are still half a billion dollars being spent on readers every years — the decline is less than 1%.  We’ll see wehther it’s significant or not.

I checked my Milwaukee Public Library card and it turns out for some reason my card doesn’t sync with the online system.  I’ll have to get a new library card when we get to Milwaukee on our way SW.  But…  a trip to the local library and a sob story to the librarian and we ended up with a 5 month library card for the local library and that gets us access to the local eBook system.

I’ve read two books so far using it.  I miss pages.  I miss being able to easily know how many pages to the end of the chapter.  The  “X minutes to end of chapter” doesn’t compute as well as “3 pages”  I’ve downoaded some books from Amazon and some from the Gutenberg Project.

I’m a bit disappointed about battery life.  We had two days of rain so I was reading a lot and the battery estimates are for 2 weeks @ 1/2 hour per day or something like that.  — Which comes up to 7 hours.  It seems as if I was charging it a lot but maybe that’s just perception and not reality — I’ll see how I feel  about it after a few weeks.

I didn’t want to spend a lot on an experiment so I bought the $39.95 Amazon special.  For a 7″ pad it’s OK, and for the price I paid it’s doubly OK.  It’s a new operating system and I’m leraning to do things completely differently, but I doubt I’ll ever use it for much other than reading. The operating system seems really kludgy.

So, That was our Ssturday. Tomorrow Melanie and Drew are suppose to stop by on their way home, that’ll be nice.  And we have a full campground to clean up after a busy weekend. Life is good.  Now, if the temps would just warm up I’d stop complaining. 🙂 🙂
Thanks for stopping, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

P.S.:  No, there aren’t many skeeters around yet — a few, but not many.🤔🤔🤔


8 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrr

    • Yes there are. I finally sat outside a day ago and if i’m not in the shade it’s impossible. But… It’s an experiment.


  1. DK says:

    Well, I would have recommend one of the “natural paper” readers that have a more natural light on them, when needed. My B&N “natural light” reader is a good one, have had it for about three years now. It really does compare to reading a regular book during the daytime. I also have a Kindle reader similar to yours that I got on a deal, too, mainly to have a way to read all of the free books I was getting through an online book club of sorts. There were many more free books at that time for Kindle than there were for B&N, so it was worth getting the inexpensive Kindle for those books. Maybe the librarian can email you a copy of the front and back of your new card until you can return to pick it up? All you need is the codes on the card for the online library system. Just a thought. I love my readers but still enjoy reading traditional books, too. A lot of older books aren’t available in e-book form even today.


    • To be honest, I was/still am uncertain enough about electric reading that I didn’t want to spend all that much on an experiment. The LIGHT is less of an issue than is the holding/charging/book-checkout thing… If I decide I like it, I’m sure I’ll get something else. but for now it’s a curiosity… I still like paper pages.



  2. On my Kindle whenever I tap on the minutes (mine is in the bottom left corner) it changes to a blank space, minutes left in chapter, minutes left in book, or the location number. It sometimes has a mind of its own and will change without my tapping. ~ Connie


    • Connie,

      I have seen that little indicator which (for me) does nothing. I don’t think about HOW LONG a book is going to take me, but I often look ahead to see how many pages remain. TIME means nothing to me and I usually read fairly quickly — this is just a foreign feeling sensation.

      It’s all still under advisement. :-\



  3. Mrs. P says:

    I am a die hard paper person when it comes to books. I like turning pages too and it just doesn’t feel the same without it.


    • My ebook experiment isn’t going all that well. I’ve read a few books on it but it’s not a natural feeling. I’ll try a few more but it’s not the same.



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