Changes Over Time

One of the most interesting things about the RV lifestyles is that even the same places aren’t the same. Just because you’ve been somewhere before doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same the next time you return.  More likely, it has changed than you ever things change

This was brought to mind on Tuesday while at the grocery, a store we’d been to many times before, but which on this visit was very much changed. You know how they say that if (in the Navy) you have a poorly performing ship, you don’t change all the soldiers — you only change the captain?  Well, our visit to this grocery is most likely summed up the same way: there had been a management change. And the new management’s attitudes towards customers was apparent by the time we’d made 20 steps into the store.

A month or so ago I made similar comments about Milwaukee — that the Interstate highway reconstruction project had made a huge difference in how we accessed the RV park, and consequently our entire stay in Milwaukee.  The important part being that no matter how well you know something you can’t count on it staying the same:

  • Not roads
  • Not stores
  • Not people
  • Not timing
  • Not prices

Changes-over-timeThat means that as RV’ers we really need to stay on top of our game while traveling.  Make notes about routes, stores, campgrounds, etc.  Keep records — but don’t lock your brain into your pre-conceptions as if they were blocks of concrete;  as soon as you do, someone’s gonna change things up and there you are:  left in the lurch.  But it’s about leaving yourself an out if something changes; having options; a fall back plan.

Right now, we’re looking for a different grocery.  The one that changed had been our go-to grocery while in Highland Ridge.  We have others to choose from and we will make a substitution.  Personally, I make notes from readers and RV friendly websites when I read about excellent repair facilities and exceptional places to buy fuel; also campgrounds and restaurants to name just a few.

Propane Tank SizesOur camp hosts book has a lot of helpful ideas for places to get… you name it… But last weekend we had a camper looking for a place to get his propane tank refilled instead of exchanged. Peg & I will go hunting around to try finding a source.  With a lot of campers using 30# & 40# tanks now the standard 20# exchange doesn’t help at all.  We already know that the three nearest towns have nothing (well, one has a source for Monday through Friday — but most campers are here on Saturday & Sunday).

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that our original idea about RV’ing was right on.  Part of our motivation for full-timing was to keep our minds active and young.  Well, that is proving to be a more realistic challenge than we might have guessed at the beginning.  You really do need an agile mind if you’re going to both go RV’ing and enjoy it!  If you let your brain get old the challenge gets much more difficult!

Anyway… there you have it.  Stay alert for the things you think you know to change right in front of your eyes.  Leaving a place for a time is a good way to suffer shock when you return because the rate of change increases daily and those who don’t keep up are left behind — or maybe rear-ended by the guy behind you.  Stay Alert!

See you tomorrow and thanks for stopping by!


11 thoughts on “Changes Over Time

    1. Not higher prices, though they may be marginally higher than last year.

      The big things were 1.) quality of produce, 2.) the packaging of the pre-cut meat — LOTS of blood in the packages and cryovac-ed at a factory, 3.) the rudeness of the staff — acted as if customers were a nuisance rather than their reason for being employed. (on several occasions throughout the trip through the store with several different customers).


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  1. When we moved into this apartment we had excellent, helpful staff. Now they are all gone and I don’t know who to ask for what. All I know is they have refilled the freon in our A/C three years in a row. They now say we are on the list for a replacement unit but they can’t say when it will happen. Yet the rent continues to go up.


    1. I’m sure you aren’t alone. It’s one of the reasons that I wonder about our original determination that we would not again own property. We have always been able to do with our places to live whatever we want, and the idea of being dependent on someone else to handle maintenance is a bit of a wild card. That said, I also don’t want to shovel snow, so I’m in a Catch-22…. We’ll see what happens when the time comes.

      > >


  2. I have always considered my ability to notice change and adapt, modify or correct as warranted has been one of my strong suits…change happens, without it, life is stagnant and still.


    1. I think GRADUAL change is harder to notice and to deal with than rapid change. Not sure about you. The gradual changes seem not to be changes at all, but obviously they are and realizing that perhaps one needs to adjust to those changes is even harder.

      Yeah — wouldn’t life be boring without being forced to change?


      1. Oddly, I am finding that change is occurring faster than my comfort level, especially in technology. Yikes!


      2. Ah, well, no one ever said that change would come at an assimilate-able rate. And I’m with you on coming faster than I might prefer. Of course that’s part of the challenge — we don’t get to choose the rate. Specially as regards highways and construction projects — argh.

        I have been talking with Peg about our future plans a little and the whole live-in-city-with-access-to-medical VS live-in-country-where-it’s-safer-and-more-enjoyable keeps coming into the conversation. I don’t know where we’re leaning anymore. Just waiting to see.

        > >


      3. Of course the answer to that changes, doesn’t it. Last August I didn’t think I needed anything but routine. Then I discovered maybe I did. And now we’re in a holding pattern and who knows when/how soon/whether I will How much does ANYONE plan based on uncertainty???? or what if????



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