Filling In

201605090919545220160430160809319Nine days. Just Nine brief days and look at the difference!  One of the real treats, eye opening treats, is being in one place as the seasons change before your eyes. It always amazes me how quickly leaves grow when the weather is right!  The trees are filling in with leaves and we may never use our long distance vision again. (just kidding, but it sometimes seems like that)

When we lived in a conventional house I never appreciated the rapidity with which Momma Nature could transform a scene and the one thing I can’t get over as a full time RV’er is just that. Because we are more exposed to the elements I think it makes us more aware and what a wonderful thing to be aware of!

I’m not really a very good naturist. There is so much that I don’t know about what I see around me — but my ignorance doesn’t prevent me from marveling at what I see.

It seems as if I spent all of Monday morning on the phone.

First it was calls to the Donaldson Corporation — makers of our air intake system — and their dealers. Then I got on the phone with the Optum-RX people to reorder meds for both of us only to find that our local pharmacy was still filling Peggy’s scrips without telling us — so, on the phone with them, cancel that order and call Optum-RX again and order the right stuff to be delivered by mail.  Sheesh, nothing’s easy any more.  I still like dealing with people face to face. I really don’t like ordering stuff on the phone.

However, in the end, our air system parts are on order and I now have the part numbers in case I need them again. They should be available for pickup tomorrow.

Our prescriptions are being shipped and they should arrive in Milwaukee in time for Katy to bring them along with her when she comes up on Memorial Day weekend. So, that’s all good.

Maybe I’m done talking on the phone for another month. 🙂

And that’s about it for Monday.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.


5 thoughts on “Filling In

    1. Yup — some of the trilliums are looking a little waterlogged after two days of rain, but a lot are still hanging in there. Not sure how long trillium stay in bloom. But it’s nice and scenic in the campground — outside the campground it’s mostly farmland.

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      1. Look for morell mushrooms, marsh marigolds, dutchmen’s breeches and jack-in-the-pulpit. I’m betting you will find them, especially if you are finding trillium.


      2. One of the retired CORPS people was here looking for Morels last Sunday — said he wasn’t finding any in ANY of their usual hiding places.

        Jack in the pulpit we have plenty of. There are a few other wildflowers showing up but with temps around freezing the last two nights they’ve hit a wall in terms of development.


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