Sucking Dirt

2016050509242625Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.  If you don’t check all the time something’s gonna go wrong that you didn’t know about.  When we arrived Spring Valley I was doing my normal end of trip checks and I noticed that the fresh air filter for our diesel engine was a little bit loose.  There are supposed to be three little turnbuckle catches to hold the lid compressed against a rubber gasket and one of them is missing.  I can’t believe that it came loose — but there you have it — it did!

I have almost 5 months to get to a repair shop and either get a new catch, or get a new cover — either way it’s something needing doing.  These diesel engines, with their turbochargers, suck up a lot of air and while they are doing all that sucking you don’t want them sucking dirt into the engine.  Do make sure you check things like that.

air filter

Between your air filter and your oil filter it’s hard to find anything else that has as large an impact on your engine’s life!

In our case the air filter is located (not intuitively) inside the basement bay with the shore power connections.  Not exactly where you’d expect, but hey — take advantage of every inch of space, right?


Watch your air restriction gauge. They’re designed to retain the highest restriction reached — even when the engine is turned off — that way you know what’s happening while you’re driving down the road. Different filter housings have slightly different “time-to-replace-the-filter” settings — check your owners manual — and don’t forget to push the reset button back to zero when you change the filter!

There are three diesel shops within thirty miles — I’m sure one of them can order my part. While I’m at it I’ll replace the filter too.  Most of the time a diesel air system will be equipped with a air filter restriction gauge — looking something like this file photo from the Donaldson people (they make air filters). These restriction gauges read the highest vacuum (measured in “inches of water”) and hold that value — when you replace your air filter you need to reset your restriction gauge to zero — usually by pushing a button on the gauge (look for it — it’s there!).

While I’m talking about these things — don’t forget to check your fluids regularly — oil, antifreeze, power steering, hydraulic (for jacks, etc).  Those of us who sit in one place for extended times have been known to forget doing so just because we aren’t moving all the time and there’s no one to remind us.  If you don’t have “Check Levels” on your pre-trip checklist, put it on there now!  Well, go on…. put it on the list!!!

DISH for my RV

We’ve been living with ‘air tv’ — meaning we’re just using the King roof mounted antenna for local TV channels.2016050507413621 We actually get a pretty decent selection of digital signals over the air.  I have been ditzing around about whether to turn off our Satellite DISH account for the summer, or whether to take steps to get a DISH signal in this site.  From our last stay here we knew in advance that there’s no sight line to the satellite from the site precisely.  If you put an antenna in places where the roof of the coach can’t be maneuvered into it’s possible.  Last year’s hosts erected a 10’ post and mounted a Winegard G2 on top of it to get a signal — Not sure if they had DISH or DIRECT TV.  But I wander….

DISH FOR MY RV APPThere’s an app available through the APP STORE (for iPhones) called Dish for my RV and if you have a manual antenna, or need to figure out where the satellites are,  it’s not a bad little application.DISH for my RV APP screen view   The app uses your smartphone’s camera to view the sky and it superimposes the three western arc DISH satellites on the screen.  It’s really quite brilliant. If you are placing your antenna manually and you aren’t a whiz at figuring out things — give it a try — at $9.99 it’s not a huge expense.

I’m not a huge fan of smartphone APPS for everything.  But I kind of like ones that play to my personal weaknesses and make life easier!  Some things don’t really need to be easy — what’s life without a little struggle?  But everything doesn’t have to be hard.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here tomorrow.  Why not stop by and chat?


3 thoughts on “Sucking Dirt

  1. Like the time I went to my boss and wanted to buy a portable document scanner for my business trips. He pulled out his iPhone and said “there’s an app for that, Jim.”…and a free one, at that. :). That dish app looks cool! I use Dish Align, which works well, but that might even be better!

    Have you checked on Amazon for that part, Peter? I’m amazed at the stuff I find there.

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