Carry On!

Monday was Cardio-specialist day and I am not ashamed to admit that I was a little freaked out.  Last September I went to the doctor thinking that all was fine and I learned I had a life threatening condition — and then we spent 3 months getting things sorted out.  To say that I was a little leery about what might happen this time is an understatement.

hocardiographyHowever, they wired me up, echocardiogramed me  and prodded me.  They listened and talked, and talked and listened.  When we were all done the news was good, no changes were made in my meds, and the doc turned us loose for another 6 months.

Next time in Milwaukee I have to do the Stress Test thing… ugh.  But I’m feeling fine. In fact I’m feeling better than fine.  Bring on the world!  I’m ready.

Four more days before we head north, so I have time to send my busted dining chair to Michael, get some parts for the coach, and relax a little before we head North.  I contacted the good people at MODS International (a shipping container customizer) and we’re going to drive up to Appleton on Friday to take a tour of the place and talk about one option for when we get off the road:  moving into a shipping container home.  So, there’s good stuff coming this week.  Not sure if I’m going to try getting the annual service done on the coach this week or hold that until September — we’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here tomorrow to chat.


3 thoughts on “Carry On!

  1. Yay! Good news is always good. Let me know what you think about the shipping container. It looks interesting but I have never seen on up close.


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