Roadtrip Day 3 — Enough Already

After a nice evening with our friend we were awake early knowing that we had but one day’s drive to return to Milwaukee. The last 288 miles are familiar to the point of boring but, hey, you need to travel familiar roads if you’re ever going to get home!Apr21

We haven’t had a nice day since leaving Grenada but that’s ok — we have returned to ‘early spring’ now.  Instead of trees quite nicely leafed out we have gone through areas with leaves about 1/2 way out, and today we traveled far enough North that the leaves are just beginning to show in S. Wisconsin.  We’ll truly have our third awakening and Spring to enjoy!

The other day Peg was at the laundromat and a chatty fellow named Andy gave her a sprouted tomato plant.  The plant immediately took on the name Andy itself and he’s been traveling along with us for these three days.  I think Peg’s going to ask Kathryn if she wants to try growing a tomato plant in her 18” wide garden in front of the house.

The “garden” at Katy’s house is only this wide and the width of the house less the driveway.

The “garden” at Katy’s house is only this wide and the width of the house less the driveway.

We’re going over there for dinner tomorrow and Andy will come along to see if he approves of his new home. 🙂

We’ve both been having issues with our vision so as soon as we got into town I got on the phone and made exam appointments for the both of us.  I’m hoping we’ll hear OK news.

The Interstate rebuild project is progressing — they are now working on the Eastbound lanes directly adjacent to the RV park — so the two closest exits were closed.  It wasn’t hard to get turned around and back to the park.  We topped off the propane before parking — we’re set for the summer now with a full tank of propane.  We have not filled the tank since last July 1 and today we put in all of 13 gallons.  Needless to say, we don’t use a lot of propane;  a few mornings for the furnace during the coldest days of our Florida Winter is about it — and about 600 miles of runtime for our removed NeverCold.

I’m sure our daughter will have a few things to do together while we’re in town, and a little rest will be about as much as we need to do aside from our visit to the doctor and whatever tests he decides to do while we’re here.  I’m still a little nervous about what he may find but I’m hoping that there aren’t any serious changes in my conditions.

The biggest thing is this three days in a row of travel.  Man I am getting lazy but I think I’m outlawing three travel days in a row.  I like at least two nights in a place to make it worth my while to set up at a new campsite — we may have to amend our Travel Constitution!

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be here tomorrow. Why not stop by and we can chat.



8 thoughts on “Roadtrip Day 3 — Enough Already

  1. I’m with you on the Travel Constitution! 2-2-2 rule, as far as we are concerned: no more than 200 miles, off the road by 2 PM and a two night stay. We sort of broke the last part of that on this go around!

    You have me wanting a tomato plant now! 🙂

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    1. LOL — you bet Jim!

      Speaking of tomato plants — now that we are here and the temps we are experiencing have dropped back into the Wisconsin Normal range — there aren’t any tomato plants at the garden centers. There aren’t many plants at all. And there aren’t many leaves on the trees either — I’m sure you’re seeing the same where you are.
      I’m ready for Spring — again.🤓🤓

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    2. Do you schedule any of your posts?

      I find that when I schedule a future post SOMETIMES at the minutes past the hour “box” when I click save WordPress removes the “00” and puts in my user id. I sometimes have to open the post up in the posts admin page and re-enter the minutes of the post-time. I wonder if that has anything to do with whether a blog will email to subscribers?

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      1. Yeah — that thing that WP <> you to publish immediately is always a problem — that’s the reason I sometimes err in getting a post published when it was supposed to get scheduled. grrrrrrrrrrr…..

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  2. My favorite travel speed was drive two days then stay two nights. I’d be in trouble if I had to stop by 2 PM though since I often didn’t get started until 11 AM. Even when traveling I am NOT a morning person.

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    1. Linda –
      in timing, you and I are opposites. We often have to diddle around in order to not leave before 8 a.m. Peg & I are both morning people and too often we can’t seem to sleep in the morning.
      As you can tell, we don’t do the same thing each trip. On Wally World overnights — of which there aren’t a lot, but we do occasionally exercise that option — then 2 pm is way too early. We’d more likely shoot for 4-5 pm. But not too often. We were talking about this just this morning after someone endorsed the 2-2-2 approach — and I was thinking that even when my butt gets tired around 200 miles I still kind of ‘like’ the idea of 300-ish. We’ll see what happens next time we really take a trip. Between now and October we’ll only move twice — once to Highland Ridge from here and once from Highland Ridge back here. 🙂 But we’re thinking this winter may be the Desert SW — so we’ll have plenty of opportunity.


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