Granada, Grenada…. there’s a difference


Saturday’s route — a lot of two lane!

It’s Saturday morning and we’re on the move again. 200 miles away is the North Abutment Campground — another Corps of Engineers campground and one that we’ve visited twice before.  Can you tell, we kinda like it?

The route was mostly 2 lane; not a bad choice in these areas as there’s not a lot of traffic and the roads are quite smooth.  Not too many towns, and most of them you merely slow to 45 mph and chug on through.  The worst roads of the day were a section of US-45 that was pretty tore up in the curb lane and not too bad in the passing lane.  But we didn’t see a lot of US-45 so it wasn’t that bad.

This was a route that we should have considered food more carefully about.  I woke and din’t want to eat breakfast this morning before hitting the road and as we got started there weren’t a lot of places to stop to make a meal.  I’d do things differently if we take the same route again.

For all the places we could stay the idea of returning to Grenada was one we thought about a bit.  There are other CORPS parks we could have stayed at but I guess the deciding factor for us was an intended stop to see a long-time friend in Central Illinois and Grenada was an optimal stop.  We will have another day with identical mileage to todays drive to an down-and-dirty overnight stop and that will put us an equal distance to the closest campground to our friend.  Staying here this time was more about the rest of the trip than this stay. We know it’s reliable, so why stress over an unknown for a couple nights?

We are in Grenada, not Granada.  But I thought I’d throw the song in just for fun.

We all have our own ways of route planning.  If your rig is in good shape then you can plan pretty much any way you want as long as you consider weight limits and height limits.  But if your rig is prone to problems — breakdowns, flats, etc. — then route planning takes on new dimensions.  Worrying about where you might find service is a real issue if breakdowns are a regular occurrence.

I also have an aversion to running the same route if there are options.  I tend to forget about that if we are within 200 or 300 miles from home — those roads we have run so many times that the only routes we might take that are ‘new’ would be so slow as to be ill-advised.  So long as there is any degree of novelty involved I’d just as soon go out one way and return another way.  This trip our friendly visit means that’s not going to be possible.  Instead we’ll leave here on Tuesday,  hit the “Big Road” and knuckle down till we get home (with our intermediate stops).

I do give consideration to weather.  If we have options about timing I’ll delay or accelerate a departure to maximize the winds.  Today we had light winds and they weren’t really a factor, but if our forecast for the next two moves were for contrary winds I’d consider either leaving a day earlier or a day later to reduce strong contrary winds.  That’s not always an option.  Sometimes you just have to cinch your belt and go for it.  But why take a hit in fuel mileage if there’s an easy alternative?

I’ll share photos of the water levels here at Grenada after we get a chance to get out and walk around.  Just on the drive over the dam it’s easy to see that the water levels have recovered significantly from last fall, and the year prior.  More on that to come.

There you have a short recap of an overcast, cool travel day.  We’re hoping for some sun and warmth tomorrow.  Haven’t had much heat for a couple weeks now.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be here to chat tomorrow.


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