Checking out the nearby CORPS campgrounds

With a short stay at Foscue park our opportunity to check out the other two close-by CORPS campgrounds was limited.  Having frittered away yesterday we had only today, Friday, to see what we could find out about the local camping options.  So, we hopped in the CR-V and headed out in anticipation.

Before leaving the park we stopped at the visitors center and had a nice chat with the folks there.  I really enjoy talking with CORPS staff.  Compared with other US agencies I somehow find them more personable.  Don’t know why that should be but it surely seems to be the case.  Maybe it’s my personality…. dunno. At any rate we talked a little about how they handle their volunteer gigs for these campgrounds and learned a lot about the local area.  There’s nothing better to help you get comfortable with the new places you RV into than talking with local residents about the places they go, the things they like and the businesses they patronize.

There are a few campgrounds administered from this office, the one in Service Al, this park — Foscue, Kirkland Campground and Jennings Ferry.  There are two more campgrounds North and East of Tuscaloosa which are part of the Tombigbee & Warrior Rivers project but if we understand correctly the are managed from another office.  Foscue is the largest of the four with 54 sites.  Service Campground we visited last December and we did not bother returning to today.

Forkland Campground

Forkland, as the local ranger would say, is for serious campers!  With only 42 sites and nestled into a more forest-like setting there were more self-contained campers there than tenters, the trees tower overhead making satellite reception a little trickier to find but it is a lovely, lovely, location. Not all of the park is 50 amp equipped.  There’s a specific circle with pull-through 30 amp sites.  We talked with the ranger about the fact that the campground has it’s own little microclimate and as a result you are more likely to find flora and fauna typical of TN and KY than AL. That said, there appears to be only a single walking trail. I’m sure there are technical reasons why that is true (the flora & fauna) but all I know is that our drive through and exploration showed this to be a delightful place, and a campground where you are looking a little more down-onto-the-river than across-the-field-at-the-river.

Jennings Ferry Campground

The ranger described this as more of a family campground and upon visiting I can see why — in fact we saw three or four sites — side by side that were clearly one group — and all the campers were over at one having a nice chin-wag.  This is much more of a flat campground with the river level almost even with the road surface (today when the river was HIGH!) There are 52 campsites here, mostly back-ins with a couple pull-thru’s.

I could easily see spending time at any or all of these four on another occasion.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here tomorrow.  Why don’t you join me?


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