More on Foscue

Spring… time of flowers and rebirth.  The wildflower beds here at Foscue Campground are showing color and it makes your heart glad.
2016041411023119320160414110310194Our campsite here backs onto the lake which feeds into the Black Warrior / Tombigbee River.  We are currently at flood stage on the river but the lake is high but not flooded.
That doesn’t mean that all the recreational equipment is above water.  It isn’t. The water may be only a few feet from the back of Serendipity but the slope is gradual and it would take a lot of water to come up the few feet remaining.  Hopefully we won’t see that in two days.2016041411250321020160414110659195 :-

20160414110708196We took a nice walk around today.  There’s a nice day use area with plenty of parking and picnic areas.  The entire site is mostly level so walking is easy and my leg’s not giving me a lot of trouble.  The bird sounds are glorious and we continue hearing new sounds we don’t recognize — but love every trill and warble.

20160414111016202I don’t think that the territory is as swampy as itappears at present.  I suspect that come the month of May that the water levels will recede and some of what appears submerged will then be dry land for the rest of the year. We’re back in Spanish Moss area again,  20160414111016202I guess we dropped South into a little lower and also moister climate so that the Spanish Moss which wasn’t prevalent in the Pine Mountain area is right back on the trees here.

While we were walking we noticed this tug and maintenance barge tied up alongside the river.  20160414112522212They were taking on diesel fuel and I hate to think about how many gallons of fuel those boats run through.  You may remember from my blogs along the Mississippi that the cost of barge and other marine navigation along the river ways is covered by the fuel taxes on marine diesel.  So when you pull up to a lock & dam there is no cost for you to go through —20160414113400213 you’re fuel taxeshave paid for the service.20160414110310194

That’s about it for me for today. I hope you’ll stop by tomorrow to chat and I’ll be here of sure.  Why not hug someone you love today and tell someone that they’re appreciated.  You’ll make their day, and you’ll feel better too!



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