Rain keeps on falling on my head


For today’s feature photo I thought I’d share this one from a couple years ago…. Sandhill Cranes / New Mexico

April showers bring May Flowers… they say.  If so the locals here are going to have a great May after we leave!  Which is ok because we’re both kind of tuckered out after a few busy days and yesterday’s drive to Foscue Creek. Which is one of the nice things about retirement — you don’t have to be on the go every day.


I’m not sure if this is still available or not. It’s interesting, but not a helpful planning too.

The hosts here mentioned that there are 4 campgrounds here — but I didn’t get a clarification of where “here” is — I don’t find that many on the recreation.gov map so if it stops raining we might make a day’s drive to see the others in the area.  I have the CD that the Corps put out a couple years ago but it doesn’t have details on the individual sites — I never knew why they bothered with that CD, it’s really not very helpful;  one of those looks good but doesn’t DO anything projects that people undertake when a new tool like the PDF format come out.

It may turn out that we just cool our jets while here.  We planned three days nights, three nights at our next stop, then two nights and three days of continual travel before getting back to Milwaukee — so we have learned to conserve our energy so that we actually enjoy the travel days.  Our only travel day longer than 225 miles will be the last day — the final push into Milwaukee.

This one’s just a file photo, but not something we want to experience!

This one’s a file photo, but not something we want to experience!

We have been very fortunate all the way through the winter.  There have been terrible storms throughout the South this winter, including tornadoes — all of which we have missed. Sure, we have have had plenty of rain, but no bad or damaging storms.  For which we are truly thankful.  There are plenty of horror stories about RV’s damaged in bad weather and thus far we’ve been fortunate.  Some of that is timing.  We are usually pretty careful about where we are during the so-called tornado season.  This is the first year that we’ll be in MS/AL in the early Spring when a lot of bad weather can happen.  But, our Spring medical checkup dictates that we get North now, so there you are and Bob’s your uncle.

foscue creek map

Foscue Campground Map

I have to comment on the sites here at Foscue Creek.  There are both full hookups and electric/water only hookups.  Most of the Corps campgrounds are pretty leisurely in terms of how much space each camper gets, but Foscue Creek is really nice exceptional in giving each camper quite a bit of space between them and their neighbors.  It’s a campground I could easily find myself returning to.  AND… it’s only a 5 minute drive back into town and to a grocery and Walmart Supercenter.  So many of the Corps locations are 10-20 miles from the closest services.  Not so here.

For what it’s worth — and a reminder for myself — site 15, which is a lovely site — is located just such that the only two trees anywhere close to the site are right in line with where the Satellite dish wants to look for a signal.  So, for three days we’ll be on air tv only.    Funny how that happens.




6 thoughts on “Rain keeps on falling on my head

    1. The best bet to find parks is the one that works for you. I never use allstays.com and if you want a reservation recreation.gov is the best / only way. I don’t like the way the changed their site though. Used to be that a search by location showed you all the campgrounds on the first screen. Now the map screen only shows those campgrounds that are listed on that page and there might be several pages to go through — a non-user must have designed it, but it works.

      You CAN qualify your searches too — you can select for AGENCY if you want — so by clicking CORPS you can eliminate all the others. They have their own website which is good for info, but this morning I’m getting a ‘service not available’ error code so no link, sorry. just google it tomorrow — they might be doing maintenance.


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      1. just dawned on me, there is a book available at amazon called something like camping with the corps of engineers that has quite an exhaustive list and really detailed reviews. A camper showed it to me. It’s old-ish, but they don’t change very much (if at all) so might be worth the investment if you are an IN-frequent visitor.

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