Feel Like a Teen Again!

This is a busy campground.  It’s laid out so that the average camper doesn’t see all the traffic in and out of the park — the campsites are sectioned off into small groups of sites on smaller side roads — but there are a lot of people in this campground!  I’m guessing this is still Spring Break for local schools?  Not only are all the available campsites filled — they are filled with a lot of teens and families.  And we are lovin’ every minute!

I have to say that the youth at this campground this week (have to qualify this statement) are really quite well behaved.  Yesterday when we arrived there were a passle of young folks across the road from us and while they were throwing footballs and making the usual teen ‘noise’ of laughing and yelling and having fun they were doing it with passable language skills — not every other word a profanity.

Karaoke Machine

I’ve never seen campers bring their karaoke machines before — and some of them are quite compact — but theirs was 3′ tall  and almost 2′ wide!  I’d hate to think how loud it would get if they cranked up the volume!!!!

When we moved over to this site it was a different crowd of kids but equally well behaved.  A couple of them had their karaoke machine set up outside their 5th wheel amplifying their tunes and when the neighbor shouted over to them that they were a little bit loud they quickly and politely turned down the volume so that they weren’t disturbing their neighbors.  Nice.  No lip, no attitude.

It could be relevant that we are an hour away from Ft Benning — I’m sure the ratio of so-called “military brats” is higher here than in many places.  There is a huge military presence in Columbus — the closest significant city — and I have to say that there are good things that come from military discipline.  Polite children being one of them!  (At least in my limited experience with children of past or present members of the Armed Forces.

Feeling a little disoriented

It’s our first full day out of Florida in 3 months.  The things we’d gotten accustomed to in Florida don’t apply anymore.  But,  on the positive side, the drivers are better! (not by much)  We saw a Piggly Wiggly store on our way to the campground — Shop the Pig as their advertising slogan goes — and it’s always nice to see brands that you recognize.  We need to go shopping today — we’ll be in Pine Mountain for 5 nights and the stores here are the closest large groceries to Pine Mountain — so we might as well stock up now, instead of having to waste mileage driving back here.


Wisteria growing on and in the trees along the highway

We’re in the land of red dirt.  Gone is the sandy, lime-y soil of Florida.  And while we were surrounded by a lot of pines mixed in with the Live Oaks in Florida, here in West Central Georgia it’s all about the pine trees and the occasional pine cone on the roof is part of the night soundscape.

georgia red clay

Georgia Red Clay

The trees aren’t quite as fully leafed out here as they were in Florida, but we’re seening wild wisteria along the highways — in full bloom.  So also some Rhododenon in bloom — we’re hoping for a nice showing at Callaway Gardens when we get there.  We hope to get in at least a two day visit at the gardens when we get to Pine Mountain; as well as a little exploring around in the F.D. Roosevelt State Park where we’ll be staying.

Our day

Wednesday dawned a little on the cooler side — which makes sense seeing as we are a couple hundred miles further north.  duh….  We’re both looking forward to seeing multiple versions of spring this year as we make our 3 week long trek to Wisconsin.

For all the rain recently I’m surprised that the water levels here (on the high side of the dam) as as low as they are.  I know that the S.E. had several years of drought and that it’s only been the last year or so that the drought broke but I guess I thought that with all news about heavy winter and spring precipitation that we’d be seeing higher reservoirs. (What I don’t know about such things would fill a book — so it’s just an observation from a partically informed guy.

Spring is breaking here. We’re enjoying it the second time this year.  The route into Lagrange from here is all two lane and even though there aren’t a lot of residents in the metropolis, the traffic into and out of Lagrange is hampered by old, narrow roads.

The Gadget Guy

Ok — I gotta share this video and two pictures.  We have been seeing these machines alongside the road through out the South and I was not familiar with them. The machine is easy to figure out — it’s used to trim utility right of ways from intruding vegetation — like a giant chainsaw, only different.   Today we saw one in action.  Makes a racket, but does the job — even if not elegantly.  I saw two European versions of this almost 30 years ago — one in Paris with three cutting heads for trimming coppiced trees. But have never noticed them in this country — but maybe I was looking for something too sophisticated.

This guy was working inside the CORPS property so we could stop alongside the road without causing an accident.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I’ll be here tomorrow to chat, why not stop by again?

P.S.:  Here’s a video of the sort of machine I remember seeing in France



3 thoughts on “Feel Like a Teen Again!

  1. It’s nice to see that some areas of the US still enforce manners with their children, makes sense that it would be military. Had to show Rick the saw you saw in Europe…wow!

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