Georgia on our Mind

Tuesday was travel day. +/- 250 miles and 4/5’s of that was on U.S., state and county highways. It was sheer joy. None of that I-75 pandemonium!  In fact we had very little traffic. A few, but almost no traffic lights for the distance we drove. And we put on almost 200 of those miles without seeing another RV!  We’re now out of Florida’s flatlands and into the gently rolling hills of Georgia; having passed through mostly pine forests and a variety of farmlands.

April5Backroads Beauty

As we were traveling I couldn’t help but think about those RV’ers who seem to stick to the Interstate Highways.  Most highway lanes are 12’ wide.  (the biggest exception being local city/town lanes)   With maximum vehicle widths limited to 102” or 8 1/2 feet that means you’ve generally got 3 1/2 more feet of lane than you need.  I know that people get freaked out driving narrow roads but it’s all about getting some practice behind the wheel and knowing how to control your vehicle.

Another CORPS  Campground


From our first site we could see the lake, but it was so steep that I was concerned about the safety of two geeezer getting around in the dark. This is from the back of the site so you don’t see the incline. 

Our destination for the day was Holiday Campground on West Pointe Lake near Lagrange Georgia.  It’s early in the season and all of the sites are not yet opened to the public — which means that the was one site in the campground available for the three days we planned to be here (in addition to our reservation).  This is a busy little park and I’m glad we reserved ahead, even in April.

That only-other-site proved to be a good thing for us.  As we got to our assigned site and actually set ourselves up even though it was way uneven (descending steeply from the road to the rear of the site).  I tried and tried to get us level enough to feel comfortable but I had my rear jacks way higher than I felt was safe and I decided we’d try to get moved to a different site — not knowing at the time that they were so close to capacity. The volunteer camp hosts were quite accommodating and we soon had ourselves moved to the other location and all set up.  Whew.  A lot of work for only 3 nights!  But well worth it I think.  We’re sitting here with a 270º of lake surrounding us.


You can see that spring has sprung — lots of dogwoods in bloom around here.

It seems that we seldom get campsites that are as scenic as this.  We love being “in” the woods but when you’re surrounded by trees you don’t see much of the horizon — or the sunrises / sunsets.  It’s a nice change for us to have such an expansive view.


West Point Lake is the result of a Corps of Engineers dam project


The lake is super popular for fishing — we seem to be the only campers on our loop that don’t have a boat!

It’s interesting for us to realize that looking out over the lake at night we’re much more aware of urban light pollution here than we have been in many of the other places we’ve camped (aside from Milwaukee).  It’s still a nice dark campground — that was one thing we noticed about Rockys Campground for the last two nights — the area is dark but they had some humongous night-lights that really lit up the recesses of the campground.


This is a gorgeous setting with possum and raccoons and a good number of water birds that we’ve seen in just a few hours.

As the sun sinks quietly in the West….


Who doesn’t like a beautiful sunset?

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be here to chat tomorrow and we’ll be here for a couple days.


7 thoughts on “Georgia on our Mind

      1. Yeah, Jim. There are 5 (I think) “areas” in the campground. Area 5 is set up for larger units but after telling the clerk that this was our first time in ANY GA park she never bothered to tell us that 1-4 were older areas with smaller sites (17’, 25’, & 40’ are their designations for campsites) — so we drove through 2 of them before someone (a host) bothered to tell us that we would have an easier time in area 5. We made it through but anyone with a tag axle would have had problems.


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  1. I have not traveled through that part of Georgia…it’s stunning. Like you, I prefer back roads to Interstates. It doesn’t make sense to spend your travel time getting all stressed out because of traffic.


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