Northward Ho!

We couldn’t ask for a nicer day to start our journey north. We had a little wind but the temps were forecast in the mid 70’s and the skies were sunny.  We poked around and actually got on the road by 10 a.m..  With a meager 110 miles on the agenda we had no need to hurry.  The one thing we did want to do was to watch our speed along Alt-US-27.  A couple of the towns there, like Chiefland, have reputations for being struck on speed limits and we didn’t need to ruin the day with a speeding ticket. rockys campground

On our way into Florida we ended up at Rocky’s Campground in Perry Florida.  That had not been our game plan but after getting evacuated from Fort Pierce we had to make other arrangements.  Rocky’s isn’t much to write home about — it gets a 7/9.5/7 from Good Sam, there are only 47 sites, but for this trip it made sense as a way of dividing up an otherwise 350 mile drive to La Grange GA — so we decided to return for 2 nights.

Rockys campground 2The one nice thing about Rocky’s is their WiFi — top notch speed for an RV park.  I updated my maps & construction as well as updating my iPhone apps to save my own data supply.  The campground is reasonably open so there’s no problem getting a satellite sightline.

The roads are gravel, the campsites grass — but even after rain yesterday, not soggy.  You have to watch a couple of the sites for overhead obstructions.  Each of the pull through sites has a specific pull in direction — alternating so as to access the power posts — but some of those directions take you past large trees that overhang or lean-over into the area you’d normally drive on.  With our 40 footer I made my turn a lot wider than I normally would be managed to make the turn without pull-ups.

There’s not a lot to do here in Perry.  I hope not to unhook our car at all.  I have projects to work on tomorrow and we leave the following day.   We’ll spend 2 nights here before turning our nose straight north on Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you again tomorrow.


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