The Day Before Moving

One might think that after 4 1/2 years of full timing that you’d develop certain routines and that they would be pretty well established by now.  Not!  I’ve never been a fan of lists and (sadly) it shows in some of the things we do.  Getting ready to leave a campground is one of them. Some campers seem to have regular rituals that start days in advance of leaving.  Not us.  Saturday, and it’s the day before we leave Reddick. The only thing we’ve done in advance of moving is to take off our wheel covers (because rain was forecast for today)!

I think a lot about stress and why some people seem so stressed about everything and others hardly seem to stress about anything, at all.  I do believe that life is what you make it — and we can create our own stress as well as being able to relieve stress from any situation — if we really choose to do so.

Moving isn’t a big deal

Well, let’s say it shouldn’t be a big deal.  If your vehicle is well maintained, you prepare for the journey correctly, and you know your route ( when to turn and why ) there shouldn’t be anything exciting about taking your RV from one place to another.   Well, nothing exciting beyond the shear pleasure of going interesting places and seeing interesting things. I suppose if you are accustomed to having breakdowns on the road one might develop a fear of moving campgrounds but that doesn’t have to be the case.

A certain amount of routine is good. One preparation I’m careful about is certain tasks I insist on doing completely — without interruption.  Hooking up our vehicle to the coach is one of them.  Don’t talk to me, don’t ask me questions — when I’m hooking up that’s all I’m doing.  Another is that on the day we move the first thing I do when I get up in the morning — before I push the button on the coffee maker — is to hit the STOW button on the satellite antenna.  That way by the time we are up and moving around the antenna is down and I can visually check it the first time I exit the coach doing other get-ready-to-go activities.

We have found that moving days go much better if I have MY jobs and Peggy has HER jobs.  I try not to interfere with her’s — that way she knows they are hers to do; and she doesn’t interfere with mine — that way I know those are things I have to do. Certainty is a good thing.

And beyond that we just accept that there’s a certain amount of commotion to moving day,  we don’t make it a big deal.  We have an idea where we’re going — maybe not the campsite- but usually the place we’ll park for the night/next week.  We know about how long our trip will take.  We just go through our lists and take care of what needs taking care of.

Electric consumption

KWHI have been really curious to note that our electricity costs here has been about 1/2 of what they were in Texas.  I’m not sure why — the temperatures (high and low) have not been all the different from what we had in S. Texas — but our costs have been about 1/2 what they were in Texas.  The two locations bill used electricity at rates that are different by only two cents per KWH  ($012.00 & $014.00) and yet the bills have been fully 1/2 the Texas amount.


I have to say that I’m feeling like a kid waiting for Christmas. After talking with our boss at Highland Ridge yesterday (to confirm a couple details about when we were supposed to arrive on site) I’m giddy and excited about our summer. I’ve never been sure if I really like being spontaneous or not — because I love to anticipate things.  You can’t anticipate if you have no plans.  And on those occasions when we have made advance plans I have always enjoyed the process of getting close to arriving and the excitement of starting a new chapter in life.

There are times when we have gone with the flow — but I think every one of those experiences has been time in-between plans.  We might have been taking every day as it happened — but we were en route to some place.  I’m not sure I’ll ever be different than that.  There are some RV couples who really do seem to wander from place to place — but I doubt that even their wandering is completely random.  Even the most careful vagabond must take into consideration the change in seasons if no other factor.  Winter in Montana can be brutal.  So can Summer in Arizona.

We have one month (less a couple days) to get from Florida to N. Wisconsin.  Out of that month we’ll spend 9 nights in Milwaukee.  The rest of the month is pretty much up in the air.  We have a couple reservations, which could change in 5 minutes, and we have a couple places in mind at which to stop but the day, the weather, and spontaneity will see us from one place to the other.

I’ve started some restaurant research — last time we didn’t really look for good bakeries in the Twin Cities — we were more concerned with other things like finding the Apple stores, and finding certain RV supplies.  This summer we’ll be in one place for longer than we ever have been in N. Wisconsin so the opportunity to find places to return to during the summer will be greater.  We know the goods and services within the closest 30 miles.  Those are the ones we’ll use most often.  But we do like our day trips and I’m sure we’ll explore into the Twin Cities more than we have in the past.  I’ve always been impressed with the area — it will be nice to check it out in warm weather.

So, tomorrow we’re out of here.  Thanks for sharing our Florida Fantasy… before we begin our Wisconsin Wanderings we have some Northerly Nosing around to do….  I’ll be here tomorrow to chat. Why not join me?

2 thoughts on “The Day Before Moving

  1. That’s interesting about the electricity, Peter. Did you use your solar in Florida? I remember that it rained a lot in Texas last year, so you could have been running your coach lights or heat more.


    1. Jim — We are always running our solar. My approach to using the solar (and we use the 12V side a lot with lighting) is that I always let the SOLAR charge the house batteries. When I plug into shore power the coach wants to let the power center charge batteries from the post, but I manually turn that off every time we stop, and if we have a power outage (when it automatically defaults back to charging)

      So the usage should be about the same. TX had more over cast days. FL had more rainy days. But kept charged either way.


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