All Day in St. A!

Wednesday dawned a little warmer than Tuesday’s 35º.  We woke to a good 20º boost over the previous day and the sky invited any outdoor activity we might want.  2016032308514402Because I had neglected to check whether the hotel had breakfast included in the package we needed to run out and grab a bite of nutrition to fire up the boilers and a little place on the South side of town — in the middle of a residential neighborhood — sounded like just the trick.

The Blue Hen is a tiny neighborhood sort of place.  Busy, mostly full tables, limited menu but the food was really tasty, the portions quite generous and the service was better than average.  chicken N biscuitThere’s even a small parking lot across the street which bears a very small sign that we missed when we were looking for a parking spot and parked halfway down the block in the other direction!  By the way — I didn’t order it myself – but their chicken and biscuits looked really scrumptious — and half the people in the restaurant seemed to be ordering it at 9 a.m..

As I mentioned the other day, we were too late for the free Lenten concerts — the last one had been last Wednesday — but we had a great day nevertheless.  We spent the whole day just walking through town.  Lots of lovely galleries.  Too many “gift shoppes” for the tourists.  A lot of high priced, under flavored food, at bars aimed more at drinkers than eaters.  But there are high points for anyone to find if they are determined.2016032309315503 2016032309320604

The architecture in town is an interesting combination of Old Florida and new — and the neighborhood around Blue Hen is some of the most unique.

If you’re into boats, the marina2016032312581528 in town is capable of accommodating pretty much anything from a little runabout to the mega-yachts that seem to litter the Florida waters.  We enjoyed watching them come and go and just sitting there in all their glory — I just can’t wrap my head around what it would be like to live in a boat.  I have no problem with living in our 40’ coach — but somehow doing the same thing on the water, at a very different pace and with very different circumstances — it just boggles my mind.  But I surely do like looking at them.

2016032313103434 2016032313052933 2016032312212724

Somehow this trip feels like the trip is complete now.  Not sure why.  It’s not as if we did anything all that special while here but somehow I’m content to say we wintered here and we’re ready to head north.  There remain 12 days on our Ocala North rental — and we’ll stay till the end but we’ll be leaving with a feeling of closure.

Tomorrow we head back to Ocala North and Reddick.  Not sure if we’ll putter around in St. A some more before leaving — or what we might do.  Check with me tomorrow. 🙂  Thanks for stopping by.


6 thoughts on “All Day in St. A!

  1. A little tidbit that was mostly reported in the local papers – The Bridge of Lions was getting old and needed replacing and the city was going to put one of the new high rise bridges so they wouldn’t have to keep opening the gates for boats. There was a huge uproar from the citizens about building a bridge that did not conform to the oldest city standards so they rebuilt the same bridge. I just wigh they would have made it wider.

    Then as soon as they put up the lions they got vandalized and had to go back for restoration. I really like the sentencing they did with the vandals.…don’t mess with the lions!

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      1. I actually love the programs that take graffiti artists and have them do murals instead…don’t remember who sponsored it but I liked it…these guys were just dumb punks. The girl was visiting from California…glad she wasn’t my daughter.


      2. Milwaukee has some serious graffiti problems and the city had a program going for a number of years (not sure if it’s still in effect) where they got graffiti artists to do major concrete surfaces — underpasses and building. Was really nice and because they program was cooperative the art was better and it wasn’t (normally) defaced after the fact.

        > >

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