Enjoy the Little Things


A sign on their wall — totally appropriate

I don’t remember where I saw it first, but recently I came across a review of a bakery  in Gainesville. Bakery….

“Bakery?” he said?

The smell of butter and almonds and chocolate and … good things.


Turns out there’s a three year old cafe/bakery/lunch stop called Dolce Vita Bakery Cafe on the Northwest side of Gainesville that is a real treat.  It’s not the most popular rated on Trip Advisor — TA says it’s #5 out of 16 bakeries but I think you could put this up against any of the bakeries in Gainesville in a contest and Dolce will win.


It’s a small place — two strip mall storefronts wide — located on a curve of the road so easy to miss

Finding a great bakery isn’t an easy thing anymore. Baking is a hard job that mostly takes place during hours which most people prefer to spend sleeping.  So finding a superlative bakery is a rarity.  Milwaukee has been losing bakeries steadily.  The likes of Panera are a little consolation but being able to find the same product nationwide — when the product is good but not excellent — is a sad substitute for quality.

Dolce Vita offers the usual mix of muffins and croissants but run-of-the-mill donuts are a little too pedestrian for this cute little shoppe that bills itself as ‘European.’ Walking in is like entering an old worlde bakery with types of baked products I don’t see very often. Our choices were all excellently prepared, they tasted phenomenally, and the prices were appropriate to the quality.

I2016031910314610f your timing right and you’re willing to venture a few experimental calories, you’ll find a variety of house-unique items:

Broffins — a combination of muffin shaped pastry made with brioche dough.

Cronuts — croissants shaped like donuts that have been deep fried, then sugar dusted. These are made on Saturdays only and sell out early. {I wonder why 🙂 They’re murder on any diet!} They have a small dine in area, there are lunch items on the menu as well. Most of their business (that we saw) is carry out.

I’d like to stop back again before we leave but we have yet to try another bakery named Uppercrust — which claims TripAdvisor #1 bakery ranking.  I frequently think that Trip Advisor’s rating system is a little TOO democratic to be accurate if you’re looking for GREAT food — It is more than anything else a measure of popularity with reviews too often written by people who are judging ambience more than food and chain restaurants consistently rate much higher than quality would dictate.


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Not only do they have good food, they also have interesting art on the walls.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here tomorrow to chat again.


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