Another Roadtrip in the Works

With taxes off my mind I’m thinking we have the time to make another little roadtrip before heading out of state.  That will be some time next week but I’m thinking about it now.  That’s the way I do a lot of things. Ponder something quietly and then seemingly just go off and do something — even though it’s been on my mind for days, weeks, or months…

After talking between ourselves, the one place Peg would like to return one more time, and do it at our pace without other folks along or a tour guide talking in our ear is St Augustine. And part of the reason for that is the Wednesday noon organ concert at the Flagler Memorial Church.

Last RoadtripThe other thing we’ve been considering is a quick visit to Amelia Island.  I don’t think we want to spend a lot of time there but I’d at least like to see it.  So the idea is another one or two night roadtrip to pick up the last of our Florida ’16 bucket list.

In talking between ourselves it seems that St. Augustine is one of our favorite places in Florida.  It’s possible that if we ever decide to have our floor replaced by the guys at Classic CoachWorks in Ormond Beach that St. Augustine would be a place we’d hang out during the repairs.  So, we aren’t entirely ruling out a return to Florida.

Thanks for stopping by, and let’s talk again tomorrow. 2016030811451413e14


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