Income Tax and Outdoor Televisions

My least favorite time of year:  tax season.  I put them off as long as I can,  every year, but I can’t stand to wait to the last possible minute so mid March is usually my time to run the gauntlet.  I have to say that taxes after retirement are a little ‘easier’ in that there’s less volatility to our income.  So, when I finished up the task today I felt really really good. It wasn’t an ‘exciting’ day but I accomplished something important.

Our friends Doc and Eileen left a day ago and we have new neighbors in their spot.  Seeing them open up the side of the 5th wheel and turn on the TV — and then leave for several hours with the TV running outside — got me to wondering about outdoor tv’s.


I’m not opposed to TV.  In fact ever since I got off the road for work — I have been in the habit of turning on a TV in the room just for the sound of human voices in the room.  After spending as many nights in strange hotel rooms, alone, I got to a point that (being married to a very quiet wife) I needed to have human sounds around me.  I often have no idea what’s playing on the TV — it’s there for background noise, not for watching.

The older Class A’s that we looked at when we were RV shopping didn’t have outdoor TV’s. Given our bankroll, the choices accessible to us were all built before outdoor TV’s were very popular.   But the concept of a outdoor TV is kind of foreign to us.

I’m not opposed to the idea of outdoor TV.  We recently stayed at a campground where one of the campers even brought in a projection television and showed movies on a sheet spread out on the side of their RV — they had a couple dozen campers around the side of their 5th wheel and a good time was had by all.  We certainly see lots of campers sitting in front of their TV outside — having a good time.

I can’t say I’m keen on unattended RV’s with loud music blaring on the outside sound system, or the outside TV.  If the camper’s there to enjoy the sound I think they should.  The idea of making others listen to something you yourself aren’t interested in enough to hang around for… well, that’s a little annoying.  But the none of our neighbors are here for  all that long and we can certainly live with our neighbors whether considerate or rude.

I often think that as ‘campers’ the two of us are a little unusual.  We don’t spend a lot of time outside.  We may have all the windows in the coach open all the way… but we aren’t out under the sun and in the wind all that much of the time.  But then I have never been a fan of convertibles either — I don’t like the wind noise.  Give me a car with a roof and windows and an A/C any day and I’ll be happy.

I don’t know how long our immediate neighbors will be here.  They’re a couple of 30 something fellows and I suspect they’re just here for the weekend.  But we won’t be here that much longer and no matter how long they stay I’m sure they won’t bother us all that much. In the meantime I’m wondering if we would ever have used an outdoor TV if the RV we bought had one.  We’ll never know.

I have been wondering though…. if we could use our remote (pointing it out the lounge window) to turn off their TV when they leave ???????

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Income Tax and Outdoor Televisions

  1. Hey, at least they have a Ford Super Duty!

    For those who have a Samsung Galaxy phone, evidently there’s an app for that, Peter. Or…if you have $20 laying around, get the TV-B-Gone. Personally, there are some doctor’s waiting rooms I wouldn’t mind having one of those for. 🙂


  2. I guess I can see the convenience of having an outdoor TV when wanting to host a party for a big game or special event being broadcast. They don’t bother me if the sound doesn’t carry to my site.

    Rather have a TV next door than be downwind of a couple of chain smokers which has happened in the past.

    We do spend a lot of time outside during the daylight hours, and we mostly cook outside on an electric hot plate, charcoal grill and sometimes open fire. Time inside is spent on the computer or watching TV.

    Convertibles while looking “Cool” were not very practical in northern Minnesota.

    Your comment about using your remote to control the TV next door brought back to memory the scene in the movie “Grumpy Old Men”

    Thanks again for taking the time to share with us.

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    1. It all comes down to that summary statement: there’s no right way to RV. There are things some of our neighbors do that I really dislike — but same if we were living in a house. Whatever works for the one doing it.
      I completely agree about smokers. I hate smokers. Maybe my biggest social gripe.


  3. One of our RVs came with an outside TV. We never used it. I wonder if you could close the compartment door over the neighbor’s TV when they leave? That might help reduce the irritation of it.


    1. Nah… I’d never do that.

      And it’s not like I get all that irritated. It’s something to comment about. I rarely let other people ‘get to me.’ Why should I let them have free rent in my brain?

      I comment on it and go on to something else more profitable to think about.

      > >


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