Nature’s Music

the earth has music

I found this one online but the sentiment really resonates with me.

Just because we aren’t going anywhere for a few days (or a week or two) that doesn’t mean life has gotten boring. We are in the middle of the Spring migration which means that we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to enjoy Nature’s Music. All we need do is open our ears and listen.

For several weeks already we have been waking to new bird calls, and going to sleep to other new bird calls.  I really wish I knew more about bird calls — you can identify most species by their call if you know them — but between the two of us we know… well… maybe let’s not embarrass ourselves quite that much!  Suffice it to say, we don’t know many bird calls but we love listening to them even if we don’t know what we’re hearing.

4500 Bird Calls

You can get an app that will give you 4500+ bird calls — all at your smartphone fingertips.

Some time ago I came across an app for my iPhone that gives me bird calls at my fingertips.  Bearing in mind that I don’t usually remember that I have that thing on my phone it’s a handy little tool that I haven’t gotten the hang of using yet.  I think it’s worth mentioning and you can find it at The App Store by searching “Bird Calls.”

Peterson Field GuidesAnother good tool — if you don’t have a good bird book and are inclined to use iPhone apps for everything — you can get the Peterson Field Guides in app form (about $3.00 I think) — I grew up with the Peterson Field guides — not just the one for Eastern birds, or the one for Western birds.  I still use those and my mammal edition and my tree edition — I’m a card carrying member of the Peterson Guide fan club. 🙂

Enjoying nature doesn’t have to mean that you know everything.  Sometimes the most boring people on earth are the ones who know everything.  It’s nice when I can recognize the calls I hear.  It’s nice when I hear the call and get to searching the canopy to try finding that little bugger that I hear and can’t locate.  We can always enjoy anything on the level where we are.

The idea of carrying a bunch of books around when we’re out in the woods gets less and less compelling.  We have our mobility issues and dragging a lot of gear is something for days gone by.  I’m not sure if I’ll find myself using my phone more often for identification or whether I may just be content to know the ones I know and not know the ones I don’t know and be happy with that.

Thanks for stopping by, and we can talk again tomorrow if you want.  I’ll be here.



10 thoughts on “Nature’s Music

    1. You are so right, Mrs P.!

      I want so much to be good about bird identification and I just suck at it! I was really hoping that volunteering at a refuge would help but truth be told after watching the weather stats at Bosque I’m not sure I would volunteer there again during the winter — it’s COLD there!

      > >


      1. As best I can tell, the pattern that gets talked about for El Nino years is that they are warmer — but rarely is the US warmer all over and it seems to me that what the maps have been showing is warmer throughout the Northern half of the U.S. and contrastingly cooler and wetter along the southern tier — not universally, but in specific areas.
        It’s all about high pressure and low pressure. If the pressure is high in one place it’s going to flow into an area of low pressure — and there has to be one somewhere for the air to move at all. I don’t know if El Nino is even all that much the same from occurrence to occurrence.
        They used to say we get an El Nino year every 3-7 years — but we’ve had 2 in a row now, and it looks like we may get a third in a row…. so who knows?
        Times they are a changing!


      2. You are probably right but I always like to remember those individuals whose single voice became a crowd…and things changed!

        Current example – Elon Musk 😉


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