Don’t Get Much Happier Than This

Peg & I are on Cloud 9!Heart From Cloud And a couple of geezers don’t get much happier than that.

Last night our phone was ringing off the hook — and for a couple who both stay as far away from telephones as we can — that’s quite a mouthful.  Kathryn was calling.  Melanie was calling.  I’m glad we had the phone charged up!

It would seem that our Grand-One:  the one and only, the only one, Melanie Nicole Brylow has gone and got herself engaged!  To a really neat young man!

Melanie's HandThree years plus 1 day from their first date, Drew Frenz popped the question — which was two days after sneakily taking Michael & Kathryn aside to ask their permission to marry their daughter, our granddaughter.  The two of them had the hardest time not giving away the secret knowing that Drew was going to pop the question.  Our daughter and SIL were up to Minneapolis to visit, as well as to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary and Kathryn’s Birthday — so it was a huge weekend for the two of them as well.  Mike was as giddy as a school boy.  Kathryn is over the moon.  Melanie is ecstatic.  The family couldn’t be much happier than we are right now.

Of course, nothing has been decided:  no date set, no location set, no details for sure — but times like these aren’t about the details, they are about the joy.  The sheer joy of sharing happiness with your loved ones;  of monuments met; of goals surpassed.

This post goes to the head of the line, ahead of several others written earlier; but when does life ever go quite the way  you expect?  And when do life’s expectations ever merit holding back on happiness and delight.  Life Unscripted is just fine with me!

Drew’s a great young man.  He’s a City Planner in Minneapolis — a job he wanted, it would seem, for some time. They met when both were living in Chicago — she for her first year post university, he finishing his (post-grad) degree.  They met whilst Urban Exploring — among the ruins of Chicago and the drainpipes of Milwaukee!  (How’s that for the idea for a novel!)  When he decided he wanted to move back ‘home’ to his beloved Minneapolis it wasn’t long before she was following, and she made her move to Minnesota in the spring of ’15.  He’s got a wonderful (albeit HUGE) family,  his head screwed on straight, and most importantly he makes Melanie happy!    Currently she’s learning to love the cold Twin Cities winters, deer hunting (he’s been teaching her to handle a gun and shoot skeet) and building up her biceps for canoeing the Boundary Waters which the family does every year!

2015081516544305We’d heard rumors of a possible marital question a few months ago — it would seem that my grand-one (because she’s not a child any longer and she’s always been pretty Grand!) is a lot like me — she’s not too great with filters!  (Although she’s learning about them now that she’s working for a lawyer).  So we knew something was afoot.  And the potential for a possible wedding was in the back of our mind when we agreed to Camp Host near Minneapolis.  We’re sort of hoping it happens this summer rather than next summer — not sure we want to camp host at the same place two summers in a row!  — But hey, life could be worse if that’s the worst of our problems!

At any rate — we’re tickled pink.  For Melanie and Drew, for Michael and Kathryn, for ourselves.  We’re a small family.  Not necessarily by choice but one child was all we were granted, and one grandchild was all we received.  So, for us, this is huge news.  The one and only is getting married!  Hooray.  Yahoo.  WoW!

Drew, Melanie, and their new dog Gracie

Drew, Melanie, and their new dog Gracie

Thanks for stopping by, and sharing our happiness.  I’ll be here tomorrow to chat, why not stop by!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Get Much Happier Than This

  1. Congratulations! Our daughter got married at William O’Brien State Park just NE of Minneapolis. Their campground has electrical hookups. We liked 38e when hosting a family picnic because it has guest parking right across the road and the restrooms were nearby.


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