Look at them campsites flyin’ off the shelf

Man alive, look at them campsites flying off the shelf at Reserve America! I had checked out the F.D. Roosevelt State Park listing a week or two ago in anticipation of stopping there on our way home and when I went back yesterday they were full up on the days we wanted to be there and we couldn’t get in till the end of that week!  Needless to say I made a reservation posthaste and forthwith.Northward Route

That means that we’ll do a little loop de loop on our way North.  The plan is to return to Perry FL for a couple nights, then 250 miles North to check out the CORPS Holiday Campground near Lagrange GA (whilst killing time before we can get into the state park), and finally over to F.D. Roosevelt where we can enjoy the park and make a return visit to Callaway Gardens — one of our favorite gardens in the U.S.. I’m not sure what’s going on in GA the first weekend in April, but the campground is full! Sheesh — it’s kinda early in the season to be facing No Vacancy Signs.

We had not been planning on returning to WI via I-55 & I-57 but a good friend of ours recently moved houses and we had hoped to stop to see their new place on the way South.  With our medical delays the time to do so evaporated on us last autumn so we decided to pay them a visit this Spring and we’re excited about that.  Even if we aren’t in a mood to own another house we still enjoy seeing new homes (new to us that is, not new construction).


Curious new growth on the end of these canes.

Our other Northbound stops will be walk-ins — I’ll check the reservation board as we get closer but right now the campgrounds we hope to visit are only about 1/3 booked.  We should be able to snag a spot for a couple nights without much problem.

With temps in the mid 80’s we’re enjoying life, and enjoying being in just one place for a few days. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



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