We found hills … and the traffic

Our return to Ocala North was pretty uneventful.  Three pleasant days out and about, followed by one day of traffic and congestion….  Another reminder of the difference between Florida and a lot of other places where we tend to spend our time.  There we were, in the center of the state away from major population centers and still we were bumper to bumper most of the way North.  I’m not usually one to hop in the closest tollway but even I gave in and paid The Man.Mar12

It’s safe to say we saw as much of central Florida as we wanted, enjoyed our time, but this really isn’t our cuppa tea.

We did find some hills.  Lovely little things they were.  Enough said.

Now that we’re back ‘home’ in Ocala I think the biggest excitement we’ll have for a couple weeks is deciding what to cook for dinner. Our stay here has been sort of fitful. It’s no secret that we’ve been restlessly looking around for some place better suited for us as a return-to-Florida option.  I think we’re done looking.  It’s time to let the wheels sit still for a while. And maybe get our taxes done.

Our neighbors are leaving this week, the makeup of the street is changing and it’s ok to simply ‘be.’  There are more empty sites.  It seems that here in Florida the “peak” of the really is January and February.  There are lots of sites sitting empty at the moment — but whether any of them would be available for entire months is another story. Overall it seems that we’re seeing more Northbound RV’s than Southbound ones.

It was a fun to be out and about for three days but it feels good to be back in our own bed, to eat our own meals, and and to be away from the congestion.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



One thought on “We found hills … and the traffic

  1. I think you have hit on why Rick and I don’t rave about Florida…our main reason for being here is for his mum. When we’re done with that…we’ll see where we do want to go, and look. But for now, we’re planning on being here for a while. I’m happy you made the trip and we were delighted to meet you while you were here!


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