That’s More Like It…

Day two of our little exploratorium took us from Cocoa to Lake Placid.  We took A1A working our way South along the ocean, stopping along at a couple places friends have stayed at in the past in the hopes that one of them might appeal to us as a future winter headquarters.  What we found (from our perspective) was more traffic, higher fuel costs,  a lot of security gates to private developments and… oh, did I mention, a lot more traffic! 🙂


Check out #7!

The first order of the day was breakfast which we managed to take on board in Indialantic, FL.  We were attracted by the name, The Blueberry Muffin Restaurant.  They have wonderful pies and muffins but when I saw the corned beef hash with “Red Flannel” beets I was hooked.  I would never in a million years have thought about adding pieces of cooked sweet beets into a breakfast item but it works.  Unusual, but delicious.


Thursday’s route

From Fort Pierce we headed SW to Lake Okeechobee and finally I found a part of Florida where I could see myself spending a future winter.  I love the lake (feature image above) — and it’s +100 mile recreation trail.  Somehow in the next two days I’d like to return here and give the area some more time.  We would have spent more time there today but our next stop was to be Ortona South Recreation area and that would have been further out of our way to visit later in this trip than Okeechobee.



This part of Florida seems even FLATTER than the rest but I’m sure that’s just impression.

So, what we did do was to stop at a couple campgrounds, realize how many more there were, and then keep with our program for the day — bopping down to Ortona South (a CORPS campground) and eventually up to Lake Placid where we had reservations for two nights.


Ortona South is a campground I have wanted to include in our trip for a couple years.  It’s a lovely CORP campground and is usually quite full. There’s a CORPS lock and dam on site and the campground is clean and attractive.  I’m sure we’ll make it there some day.  Seeing it in person only heightened the desire.  It’s about +10 miles to the closest services but otherwise it’s ducky.

Mar11We saw three campgrounds today that we’d consider in the future.  Whether we’ll return to winter in Florida is still up in the air, and we’ll spend the next two days continuing our exploratorium around the area.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be here to chat tomorrow, if you want to stop by.


5 thoughts on “That’s More Like It…

  1. You have covered more ground in three months than I have in nine years. I think when you live in one place you always can say, it’s not too far, I’ll see it one day…and the days just go by. As a visitor, and you’re not the first one I have met, you only have a limited time and you want to see everything you can while you are there. I know I am the same way when I leave the state.

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    1. Yup — we have our objective — finding whether there’s a place we want to settle into for any length of time — or whether we want to return for other winters. Plus — we aren’t the sort to spend three months in the coach in a tiny RV park. There ARE folks like that — we’ve seen ’em here, and in Los Fresnos — but that’s not us. We aren’t tourists anymore — we don’t feel compelled to do all the touristy things — but what interests us we’ll invest time and energy into. And this coming week we’re going to Amelia Island & St. A (again) 🙂

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