Cedar Key — Like Moths to the Flame

2016030811290501 There is no explanation for the way we visited Cedar Key once, shortly after arriving in Florida and it had little appeal to us;  then we returned a second time and enjoyed it quite a bit.  Now, after a neighbor mentioned another RV park in town that we missed the first time, we made yet a third trip over there and have to say that the place is definitely growing on us.

2016030811451413The newly heard about RV park is nice.  Our neighbors liked it a lot but they could not get in for more than 4 days — and given the way we travel I’m not sure we would know far enough in advance to snag a weekly or monthly rental.
Moreover, I’m not sure that given it’s location Cedar Key will ever be a place where we would spend more than 1 month — or possibly not more than 1week — it’s a long way from everything; and the things its close to are not that diverse for a longterm stay.  (to us)  But it’s now a place that we would at least consider spending some time.2016030813204120

The birds were out in numbers today.  I saw a huge flock of skimmers — something I’m not accustomed to seeing at all!  So I was chuffed.  I did not bother taking pictures of the beach on our previous visits.  We aren’t big lay-on-the-beach people.  Never have been.  But I did want to show you the beach today.  Also there are hotels, condos, and weekly rentals off there on the right of the beach — so for non-rv’ers there’s a place for you too.


Steamers Interior

After tiring ourselves out on foot we stopped at a new resto (to us) called Steamers.  This one is right on the pier,  has a nice seafood base to it’s menu, and you get the added value of a nice gulf view (if only the windows got washed from time to time).  



Peg tried local shrimp, I had haddock — which I suspect is NOT local but was delicious nevertheless.

The resto had a Key Lime Cake on the menu and the idea appealed to me.  It arrived as quite a visual treat that I was too interested in to take a photog.  But image a baby cake about 3” in diameter and 4 layers high, with succulent, intensely flavored key lime mousse between each layer.  It was certainly a taste treat!

We have definitely found a few places we really like:  Micanopy, St. Augustine & Cedar Key.  They are far enough apart that the only place that makes sense staying if we were to repeat a visit and enjoy the things we found on this trip would be to return to the Ocala area.

I’d like to take a few days to run down to Melbourne and Sebring, and the whole central swampy/hilly area there to see if there’s some other area that appeals more.

be a fruitloop

Life’s too short to do the predictable all the time

Other RV’ers we know are looking around for places to return year-by-year and so that topic has been on our mind a lot lately — not so much because we want to start looking ourselves as because we have been part of those conversations and they provoke thoughts.  The good part of that is we are getting past the point where some of our own personality traits are assumed and not really recognized — and getting them out and talking about them.   One of those is the fact that when we have owned property we have always spent a lot of time / effort working on those properties.  That is such a natural part of who we are that I think we need to consider some ability to change our environment if and when we decide to settle down.  What that will mean we don’t know.  But… we’re aware now — which I don’t think we were 4 1/2 years ago.

Thanks for stopping by, and let’s talk again tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Cedar Key — Like Moths to the Flame

    1. I agree. And when I said about reconsidering the ability to change our environment that didn’t mean we need another house. A few plants — particularly bonsai — might fill that need. Someplace to hang a bird feeder might do it. I don’t know. Seeing as we aren’t ready to hang up our RV keys that’s one of those things to be figured out when the time arrives.

      > >


  1. I intend to visit Cedar Keys one of these days. The fact that it is far from civilization is one reason it would only be a visit. The girl I know who grew up there and loves it, couldn’t wait to get back to it, she describes the small town atmosphere where everyone knows everyone’s business. Not sure I’d like that. She doesn’t like to explore too much and is easily out of her comfort zone in Ormond Beach, so that gives you an idea about the source of the referral. Me, I like to wander! 😀

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