We were on the Atlantic Coast yesterday morning when the phone rang.  It was…. wait for it… Tri-Am wanting to know whether we were coming in that morning for the installation of our toppers.  I swear they have a hard time communicating between each other.  A week ago I made the appointment for this Friday right in front of the service advisor who called — and they still don’t get it right.  I sure hope the technicians are better than the service writers.  Had things happened only slightly differently I would never have placed the order through them.  But such is life and we’re hoping that they know their job well enough to get it all done in one day!

The good news is that we drove in the lot and the mechanic told us “We’re ready for ya.”  So I’m optimistic.  This job does mean we’ll have the whole day to twiddle our thumbs while they work.  The day after Katy leaves would be a nice day to take a nap — but no bed…. sigh.  Timing is everything!

It’s about 4 hours later.

2016030412190502We had left the dealership to run some errands and before stopping for lunch we decided to check in and see how they were coming with the replacements.
Wouldn’t you know it… the job was complete and the coach was ready to go.  All the previous miscommunications were made up for.  The job seems to be done just right, the price was right and in the end we felt as if the little aggravations were just water under the dam.2016030412200505

We paid our bill, and headed back home!

So, we have one month left to our Florida winter and we have all our projects taken care of.  That’s a good feeling and we can feel free to explore (without worrying about coordinating with anyone) and make some plans for our departure.  Feels good.

Thanks for stoping by and sharing a happy moment with us!  Let’s talk again tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “Toppers!

    1. Same rollers, same material as original — should outlast our time in the coach — We had not problems in the Texas or Utah winds for as long as we were there. But one never knows, does one?

      > >

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      1. Yay for no more need to coordinate. It’s nice to have visitors and it’s nice to get things checked off the to do list but it is better to not have to coordinate with anyone!


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