Tarpon Springs Reflections in Monochrome

Some of you may have seen this
when I hit the wrong button
the other day and accidentally
published the incomplete version

With Kathryn in tow we revisited Tarpon Springs knowing that she would enjoy it.


Ships docked along the Anclote River. This scene isn’t quite what I’d call bucolic — there’s too much activity — but for sure fishing towns have their own lazy pace.

I love of monochrome images! They require a completely different mindset than shooting color — so the challenge is always sort of dreamy for me.


Climb the Mizzen Mast Swabbie!


How did anyone discover the utility of Sponges — or decide to dive into the water in search of something like a sponge?


There’s something about a cleat with rope securing a boat that will attract my eye every time.


I guess old-Boy-Scouts must have a thing about rope…


The vendors not only sell you stuff you don’t need — you can buy purses in which to keep all that stuff that you don’t need!


The Greeks who settled this are are proud of their heritage, from their love of the sea to sponging to their love of specific kinds of architecture.


The Tarpon Springs “Mall”


There’s no such thing as too many boat masts!


More shopping!


Palm trees on the roof? No, just an illusion


Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere!


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