Day Three Wit Da Kid

Tuesday could not have been any more pleasant than it was.  After chasing around Florida for two days Tuesday was a good day to cool our jets and enjoy just being together.  We did get in the car, but we only drove 10 miles out, and ten miles back.


We enjoyed ourselves so much at Micanopy a few weeks ago and we knew it would be a place that Kathryn would enjoy — so after a lazy breakfast we toddled off to check out the antique stores which we missed on our first visit.

We couldn’t have asked for a better day for our visit.  For one thing, not many folks were visiting on a Tuesday.  A couple stores are closed on Tuesday but nothing that interferred with our appreciation of the town. Without a lot of visitors the stores were navigable and the clerks were all in a good mood.  We even watched some stained glass being made.

Micanopy is supposed to be the oldest inland town/city in Florida. Much of the architecture in the central section is aging and quirky.  There is no public wastewater system — so there are no openly “public toilets”  — each store is responsible for it’s own septic system.  And no plans are in place to upgrade the public facilities.

We checked out the old cemetery, but the warm humid climate has made the gravestones very hard to read.  I’ll work on a couple to see if I can improve the readability but that may be a while.

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park
2016030113174953 2016030113170652 2016030113165051

Another part of our day was a trip to Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.  We have driven past the prairie on I-75 several times, and we have noticed that there is a park entrance off of US-441 so with Kathryn around this was the perfect time to check it out.

2016030113102247The campground is quite nice — we’d even be able to fit!  I’d easily stop here for a few nights on the way to somewhere. Most of the sites seemed to have water and electric with a dump at the entry of the campground.

Peg wasn’t all that keen on the alligator warning sign — but we didn’t see any in the park.  There are numerous trails to walk and nice flat roads to walk/bike/run.

12801187_1010499515677629_1279288872686241429_nIt was warm enough to check out the pool today.  Our first time in it for the season and it wasn’t warm… Brrrrr.  Good for feet, but not much more.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Day Three Wit Da Kid

    1. With limited time on the ground Katy wanted to see a smattering of a lot of things — which isn’t all that different from the two of us, actually. So we weren’t there too long but there is a lot more to do than what we took in.

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