Saturday Preparations

Our daughter is flying in tomorrow and it’s time for a few plans and reservations.  It’s been uncertain whether Mike would join her on this trip and it appears that she’ll be making the trip solo so we haven’t thought much about an agenda until we were sure who would be with us.  It’s funny the way genetics work:  Peg & I were talking about our ideas for the first part of Katy’s trip and as we spoke Katy was texting us with questions about the same thing —  and whether we needed reservations.  I love it.  We aren’t psychic — just of one mind.

Jan28Katy may only have been in Florida once in her life, I’m really not sure. There are plenty of things to be seen; but it’s as important to give her time to relax from work as it is to see things.  All three of us are not into lots of touristy attractions, so planning has always been easy between us — if sometimes confusing as we sort out several opinions. I’m sure we’ll have a nice visit. I’ll be a little quieter for a few days — till after she’s on her way back north again.  Talk to you soon.


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