Chasing Around

Thursday was a good day to get some stuff done!Feb25 I love it when I have a good day like today.

First job on the list was getting our vehicle registrations renewed.  This is the FIRST year since going fulltime that we have been able to get both vehicles renewed at the same time.  When we started as fulltimers we had vehicle registrations that expired at different times.  renewnowThen when I tried to get them switched over so that they both expired in the same month a Wisconsin DMV employee either misunderstood what I wanted or I misunderstood what to do because I managed to change one of the renewal but not to the right date.  Last year we finally learned the right way to get both renewals to expire at the same tim and so this year is the first year that we have been able to do both together.Revolution 921-250

Second item on the list was to get Peg a better light source over her sofa (note how I say “over her sofa”)  It took driving to three separate suppliers to find the replacement LED that I wanted.  This flat LED with 16 cells is about the same size as the LED light she had before but on the old one half the cells were facing the wrong way and the light wasn’t being utilized.  We plugged this bad boy in when we got home and she’s happy!  Anytime I can please my sweetie is a good day.

triam-logoFinally, we stopped at Tri-Am RV Center because I wasn’t getting any info on our toppers.  After a nice chat with the Service Manager we found that the toppers had actually arrived at the dealership.  With company coming this weekend the earliest I could tie up Serendipity was next Friday — so we’ll have her down at  Tri-Am on Friday to get the toppers installed and hopefully our list for the winter will be complete!

Add to all of the above a drive through two of ‘recommended’ small Florida towns:  Brooksville and Inverness and we had a full day.  They were both nice communities — not what we are looking for, but very pleasant small towns.

2016022514191110I have seen a few signs around Florida advertising a Brooksville resto — The Florida Cracker Kitchen — and as long as we were checking out the town anyway we decided to give them a taste test.  We were lucky not to have gotten any later start — Tuesday through Thursday they are only open until 2:30 — and we got seated by the skin of our teeth.

This is a SMALL restaurant.  We arrived at 1:30 and we still had a waiting line (and yes — I did wait for a table — I don’t usually).  They have a novel way of identifying guests… when you check in with the host/ess you’re given a 12” wooden ruler with a number on it!  Cute.  Unique.  The menu is S. Florida and Cracker to a “T”.  From shrimp and grits (in this case ‘grit-cakes’) to  ‘gater-tail po’-boy, and fresh fried fish, crab cakes, shrimp and oysters and chicken and waffles  — you name it each and every time we saw looked delectable and the ones we tried were absolutely spot-on!  If we are ever back in the area I’m sure we’ll try The Florida Cracker Kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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